Abbey & Edward | Bell Mill Mansion | Tennessee Wedding Photographer

Oh my goodness, what an incredible weekend this was! Abbey and Edward had Mitch and I out to Tennessee for their wedding! We absolutely loved traveling together and tagteaming this wedding with photo and video for them. Bell Mill Mansion is absolutely stunning! There’s a massive weeping willow tree out back and the four of us were determined to shoot with it. The weather was very uncooperative on their day. High percentage of rain, then a completely low percentage of rain and the ceremony site was flipped to have it outside under the willow tree. And then the tables turned on us and a massive storm blew through, resulting in downed trees on the roads that pushed the ceremony start time back. But during the ceremony, the skies cleared and it was GORGEOUS outside. We were able to do all the formal portraits and bride and groom outside, and we couldn’t have been happier!!

It was so muggy and humid outside. Like, just thinking about going outside made you sweat. But these guys were pros and handled it all very well!

These guys.

Sometimes, looking awesome and GQ doesn’t always work.

Um, coolest getting ready spot ever!

Obsessed with this shot.

The timing for their First Look No Peek couldn’t have been any better. We were ahead of schedule and as they were walking in, it started to rain.

I wanted to get a shot of Abbey on the balcony. The storm was rolling in and we had to be quick! I’d say it worked out pretty well.


I love it when couples do this. It’s so personal and so sacrificial. I love it.

The very first time I  met Abbey, I was blown away by how much she looks like Sandra Bullock. Sometimes I just call her Sandra. You guys. TELL ME YOU SEE IT?!

I was SO HAPPY to see them through my viewfinder with the willow tree and the golden light. That’s all Abbey and I had talked about for months!!


Omg, this shot. I totally cry at mother/son dances now. All the ugly tears.

A family member made their cake and DROVE it from Connecticut to Tennessee. And then their car broke down and they had to get a rental to finish the trip. Crazy!!

It was raining when it was time for their exit but we pushed and made the sparklers happen anyway. YESSSS TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!

Abbey and Edward! Mitch and I can’t thank you enough for having us out there for your wedding! We loved our weekend and shared adventures with you. Abbey, let me know when Hollywood calls you to be a body double for Sandra! ;) We love you guys!!

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