Brea & Adam | West Manor Estate | Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

August 19, 2017

Brea and Adam! Oh my goodness! I seriously LOVE this couple! They were married at West Manor Estate and it was seriously the most perfect day! There were so many emotions and so much love. Mitch and I tagteamed this wedding as Vaughan House and we were so honored and so blessed to be apart […]


Bridal Boudoir Creek Shoot | Sierra Vista | Virginia Wedding Photographer

August 10, 2017

I love shooting things completely out of the ordinary. When you have the collective creative minds of multiple woman who all want the shoot to be the best it can be, you know it’s going to be absolutely amazing!! I love, love, LOVED doing this shoot. Lauren is one of my past brides and we’ve […]


Angie & Christopher | The Confluence Resort | West Virginia Wedding Photographer

August 9, 2017

Angie and Chris!! Ahhh, I was so looking forward to their wedding. The Confluence Resort is such a beautiful location. Mitch and I tagteamed this wedding as Vaughan House and it was a blast! We were expecting it to be super hot… because you know, all outdoors, end of July, West Virginia… but no. It […]


Cari & Seth | Hollins Mill Park | Virginia Engagement Photographer

July 27, 2017

Every photographer believes their clients are the best… but mine really are the best! Cari and Seth were AMAZING to work with!! When you’re shooting with a waterfall (and with me as your photographer) you’re going to get wet. These two had no problem with that! And I had some ideas (my past brides know […]


Emily & Erik | Sundara | Virginia Wedding Photographer

July 24, 2017

Emily and Erik. Seriously, these two are amazing. From the moment Emily and I started emailing back and forth, I just knew I loved her. And when I met Erik at their engagement session, I totally fell in love with these two as a couple. I was counting down the days until their wedding. And […]