Ahhh, the boudoir session. The human body is a gorgeous thing and it can be captured artfully, tastefully and beautifully. There is a line between classic elegance and going overboard and going too far. I know exactly where that line is and I do not cross it. My style for boudoir sessions are sweet, whimsical, classic, tasteful and a dash of sexy and sultry.

For the person in front of the camera, it’s quite possibly more nerve-wracking than the wedding! Boudoir sessions are extremely personal. My absolute number one goal is that you are COMFORTABLE. I want my girls to feel completely relaxed with me, like they’re just hanging out with an old friend. We laugh, we joke, we talk, we hang out and we get amazing images. Boudoir sessions are an absolute blast and we have so much fun!


How many outfit changes do I get?
I recommend picking out 3-4 solid outfits to bring. Think about your shoes, jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, anklets, toe rings, belly button rings, etc. for each outfit! Also remember, ‘naked’ is an outfit. Of course, we can do implied nude shots that hide those areas of the body.

Do you offer hair and makeup? 
All packages include on-location full hair and makeup by my most trusted vendors. You’ll feel pampered and it will give us time to chat about your session! My makeup artist can do any look you’re wanting, whether it’s natural, glamorous or more dramatic and fierce. False eyelashes are also included. My hair stylist can do simple hair styling and updos, as well as more intricate styles! Please let me know ahead of time if you’ll be adding extensions, or would like a more intricate style. You’re welcome to bring any Pinterest board you like… in fact, I recommend it!

How long does the session last?
Sessions typically last about 1-1.5 hours. Give or take!

Ahhh, I don’t know how to pose!
Girl, I’ve got you covered! I will help you with poses that will flatter your figure and make you feel amazing. You’re also welcome to bring a Pinterest board of poses that you’d like to recreate.

Will any males be there?
Definitely not.

Can I bring a friend?
Yes, of course! Bring any female you need to cheer you on. I recommend that you do not bring your mother. That could be awkward!

Do you do any retouching?
Basic retouching is included – blemishes, cellulite, scars, bruises, scratches and any other nicks on your skin. There will be an additional fee for anything more extensive than that. Please know, I do not offer ‘body reshaping.’ Girl, you are stunning! Work those curves! We’ll work together to find poses you are comfortable with, that flatter your figure and hide areas you are uncomfortable with.

Do you provide alcohol? 
Unfortunately, I do not. However, you are welcome to bring whatever you’d like to calm your nerves!

Are you going to post these on your website?
Boudoir images will never be posted on Facebook. As for my website, the Client Approved Gallery and Pinterest, I do not share any images without your written permission. I understand how personal this type of session can be. I’m happy to lock your images up tight for you!

How many images will I get?
Depending on how long we shoot and how many outfits you bring, I’d estimate you’ll receive around 50-75 perfected edited images.

Will you do a session with me and my significant other?
So sorry, that’s not something I offer at this time.



– On-location hair and makeup
– A gallery to download all of the edited, high resolution images
– An 8×8 20 page hardcover coffee table book (larger sizes and more pages are available!)
– A pre-session consultation via email or phone
– Click here to view the Client Approved Gallery. Password Protected.



Soft & Sweet

This location has a bed & breakfast feel. There are many beautifully decorated rooms with couches, beds, fireplaces, windows and soft light.

Investment: $950

Sexy & Sultry

This location is open and industrial. There are beautiful bricks walls, windows and wood beams, giving it tons of character. There are also brown leather couches we can utilize.

Investment: $950

Rustic & Woodsy

This location is perfect for your man that’s outdoorsy. These sessions are done in a cabin in the woods. This definitely has a hunting cabin feel with deer, foxes and waterfowl on the walls. There’s even a fireplace!

Investment: $950

Romantic & Whimsical

This session is done outdoors in a private location. Styled by Julie Lawrenson of vintage, you will be in contact with her to assure you have all the pieces you want for your session. Vintage chairs, beds, settees, as well as any type of decor you can think of. So many incredible options to choose from! This package includes a $400 credit to use with Julie. Anything above that would be paid to Julie directly. This is definitely my favorite!

Investment: $1350



Luxe Leather Albums – ORDER HERE. You will receive the discount code via email and can use it during checkout. Please allow up to 6 weeks for delivery.
Hardcover Books – ORDER HERE. Delivered within days of your order being placed.
Prints & Canvases – Self-service ordering from your gallery
Florals – (bouquets, flower crowns, etc.) Please contact Love is in the Air. You will communicate with them separately and pay them directly.
Furniture styling and decor at Soft & Sweet, Sexy & Sultry or Rustic & Woodsy: Contact Julie to get a direct quote!



1). Create a hidden Pinterest board! Pin hair, makeup, outfits, poses, etc. that you like. Be sure to Follow Me on Pinterest and invite me to your board! We can refer to it on the day of your session.

2). Get your nails done, shave your legs, clean your ring, put lotion on. Boudoir is up close and personal, so all those details are going to be seen! Also, be sure to drink lots of water in the days leading up to your session. If you’re going to get a tan or waxing, be sure to try it out beforehand.

3). On the day of the session, wear something loose fitting that will not leave lines on your skin.

4). Practice your poses at home!

5). Don’t tell your fiance or husband that you’re doing this. It’ll be a wonderful surprise and the look on his face when you give him a book or album will be priceless!



“This review is coming a few months after the fact but I wanted to tell Megan, and any of her future clients, what an amazing person and talent this girl is. She had photographed my wedding in April 2014 and did such an amazing job that I immediately thought of her when I began toying with the idea of doing a boudoir shoot as a Christmas gift to my husband a few months ago. I was hesitant to go through with it at first and wasn’t sure I was up for it but Megan helped so much through the whole process and just made it a wonderful experience. I didn’t know where to begin when I contacted her about doing the shoot and she helped set me up with both a hair and make-up stylist as well as finding an amazing location for it. I think I said this in my last review but you talk on the phone with this girl once and you feel like you’re talking to an old friend. She is so personable and open that the boudoir experience wasn’t uncomfortable at all and turned out to be so much fun! For anyone who is thinking about a boudoir session, I say don’t hesitate because it’s a great experience and one that Megan makes so worthwhile. Both my husband and I were in love with the shots and I cannot express how grateful I still am to have stumbled upon Megan’s website last year!”



“Our recent boudoir photo session done for my significant other was so much fun. You are so professional and such a pleasure to work with. My photographs turned out beautiful. You have such a eye for what makes comprises a truly fantastic shot. Even though I am no model you made me feel as though you were looking through the camera lens at someone who graces the cover of Vogue on a monthly basis. You were patient and did not seem to be rushed. You seemed to be having a good time yourself. This was my first time doing this type of thing but you made me feel very comfortable and I would recommend you to anyone else looking to do the same for someone special in their life.”



“Megan is an absolutely wonderful photographer. I went out on a limb while my husband was away for military service and decided to do a surprise boudoir shoot as an Anniversary present for him when he returned. I couldn’t have chosen a better photographer. Megan was extremely easy to work with and plan and worked around my crazy schedule to get me squeezed into hers! I was so nervous, as I am a bit more conservative, but the moment I met Megan I knew that we were going to have a blast! I brought a lot of ideas with me, and she helped me pick out the best ones and we had a great time! I was totally floored when I saw the photos! They were amazing! And Megan did an amazing job on getting them back to me so quickly! My husband is obsessed with the photos too! I will definitely be using Megan for any future photo sessions! I can’t wait to be able to book a family session with her! She was wonderful! Couldn’t ask for any more! A huge thank you to Megan for everything!”



“I had a BLAST doing a photoshoot with you this past weekend! I was a little nervous going into it since it was a boudoir shoot but you made me feel so comfortable! I felt like you did a great job at keeping the atmosphere fun and encouraging so that any nerves I had disappeared. I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience :). You were open to suggestions and ideas that I had and you also gave me some ideas as well. That being said, I also LOVE the images. They turned out great! Thank you SO much for everything!!”



“As a forty-something mom of two, I was very nervous about doing a photo session wearing so very little, especially with someone I’d never met in person. This is something I thought about doing for literally years and, with my wedding anniversary coming up, I thought it would be a very unexpected gift for my husband. I gathered up my courage and made an appointment. Then I unnecessarily worried about it for a couple of weeks.  Megan and I exchanged lots of email and spoke on the phone. When we finally met in person on the day of the shoot, I was immediately comfortable with her. I loved Megan’s enthusiasm, encouragement and the ideas that she had. I honestly did not feel the slightest bit self-conscious. I was very surprised when I checked my email the next day and saw that she had my pictures up already! They are classy and beautiful. I really love them. Plus, it’s nice to see that I can still be sexy after 13 years of marriage and 2 children! For anyone thinking about a boudoir shot, you should go ahead and make an appointment with Megan.”



“For any girl considering a boudoir session with Megan Vaughan, I would highly recommend the experience. I will admit that I was a little unsure about wanting to have pictures taken where most everything is exposed, but now I am 100% satisfied with my decision to go for it. Megan was very professional and made me feel comfortable the entire time. She had great ideas and offered a lot of suggestions on poses to make me feel comfortable and look classy and beautiful. My only suggestion is that you bring someone you feel comfortable with to help fix your hair or wardrobe so that Megan can focus on moving around and capturing the best pictures. I did this and am happy I had two people there to make sure I looked great! For any girl hesitating on the idea of a boudoir photo shoot, I say Do It! I LOVE the pictures and want to thank Megan for the incredible work she did.”



“I did a photo-shoot with Megan this past month for my fiancee’s wedding gift! (boudoir style)! And is nervous as I was, the whole experience was a BLAST! I had so much fun and loved the way my pics turned out! Megan made they day flow so smooth and kept me so relaxed and feeling good about myself! Thank you again Megan. I can’t wait to give my soon to be hubby his gift!! I will for sure be doing a lot more work with Megan!”



“My photoshoot with Megan was great! She made me feel extremely comfortable! This was the first time that I had met her and I felt that I had known her for years. My husband loved the Boudoir photographs! He can’t stop looking at them! Thanks Megan! I’m calling you back for our family photos!”



“I recently had boudoir photos done with Megan and the experience absolutely fantastic! I was extremely nervous for the obvious reasons and she made all of that disappear. In between each shot we were cracking jokes and having a good time so I didn’t feel out of my comfort zone by any means. I would recommend Megan to anyone. And because I have been so pleased with the outcome of both photo shoots, I will definitely be coming back for bridals and maybe even someday maternity!”



“Today was one of the most amazing days for me! I loved my photo shoot with Megan. She made it so much fun and exciting for me we giggled the entire time. The pictures came out great too. Megan is very sweet and professional she goes out of her way to make sure that her clients are comfortable in every pose she takes. I never thought I would feel right doing a boudior shoot but it was so amazing and wonderful with Megan directing everything with care. I will continue to use Megan as my primary photographer for all the work I need done in the future.”




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