Brooke & Brian | Patrick Henry Hotel | Roanoke Wedding Photographer

Brooke and Brian are married!! Their wedding at the Patrick Henry Hotel in Roanoke was just amazing. It’s such a beautiful venue! Brooke is a talented photographer herself, so of course I was so honored to document her wedding day! These two are such sweethearts and OH MY GOODNESS do they adore each other! The way they look at each other is precious… especially since Brooke has to reeeeally look up! Brian is super tall, she’s super short, it’s super cute.

Hotel light is just delicious.

Look at this sweet guy!

Thankfully no one was run over.

Poor girl was actually sick on her wedding day. But that didn’t stop her from smiling alllllll day!

Father/Daughter First Look!

OMG, that hand on her face. I can’t.

Lashes for daaaaaays.

LOVE these wreaths!!

First Look No Peek.

Brian lost it. It was amazing. Everyone was crying, including me.

When you want to kiss your groom, but you’re really short and he’s really tall… and you need a little help.

Ahhhh, favorite.

There’s something about a brand new wedding band against a wedding dress. Mmmm.

She had that twirl DOWN.

Brooke’s dad gave her a gift in the middle of their dance together. Cried again, too!

He held her so close, but was very gentle with her hair.

Last dance!

This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but it started POURING when they were about to leave. The water was shin deep on the street and eventually flooded over the curb and onto the sidewalk. I had gone outside to figure out what to do and a car drove by and sent up a big splash just like you see in the movies. I was soaked. It was awesome.

But they didn’t care! They kicked off their shoes and ran through the rain. I LOVE IT.

YAYAYAY!! I’m so happy for you two!! I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes you and your marriage. Love you guys!!

Photography: Megan Vaughan
Videography: Mitch Vaughan
Venue: Patrick Henry Hotel
Florals: George’s Flowers
Makeup: Anna Breeding
Hair: Emily Harris
Dress: Country Formals
Catering: Great Events

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