Cari & Seth | Sierra Vista VA | Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

Cari and Seth. Wow, where do I begin? Cari is a bride that knows what she wants. She booked Mitch and I as Vaughan House without a second thought! I was honored with shooting their waterfall engagement session and Cari’s bridal session which was flippin’ crazy bonkers amazing. Their wedding at Sierra Vista was the perfect day. The weather was stunning, the sunset was magnificent and everyone had the BEST time ever. And for the first time in my life, I got to boss a bunch of cops around all day! It was amazing.

Such a cool group of guys! I’m pretty sure they all had their guns on them. We definitely felt safe. ;)

I love the knee kick.

Oh my gosh, Cari. You’re so beautiful!

The moment.

These colors though!!

First Look with daddy. I tried to type up the way she actually says ‘daddy’ but couldn’t figure it out. The family knows what I mean!

First Look. These two needed some time together beforehand. It was secluded and private.

Even police officers can’t always hold it together.

I’ve noticed a lot of grooms doing this side lip twitch. I think they’re trying to lock it up and it just doesn’t work.

I also noticed that as Cari got closer to him, his stance got wider and wider. He was definitely trying to keep it together! But when your bride looks like that, it’s kind of hard to.

Oh my gosh, I seriously can’t. He is so precious.

They said the sweetest vows to each other. No one could hear them but those closest to them. I think it was better that way.

Instead of lighting a unity candle, in true policeman fashion, these two busted out their guns and shot at balloons with paint inside. It was crazy!! I’ve never seen anything like it! They spilled over the canvas and they’ll hang it in their home! And yes, all the balloons were shot.

Loved this wedding party. They were such good sports and humored me with everything I asked them to do! So great to work with and SO HAPPY for Cari and Seth.

Dang Seth! Definitely do not want to be pulled over by you. But I guess if I ever was, you wouldn’t give me a ticket. Right? RIGHT?!

These two only had eyes for each other. I’m pretty sure everyone could have gotten up and walked out and they would have never noticed.

This father/daughter dance. I couldn’t hold it together. I’ve never seen anyone dance with their daughter the way Daddy did. He held her so tightly and never let go. It was so precious.

I could see Seth really trying to hold it together.

This last shot though. I lost it when editing that. I’m about to lose it now! I can’t keep it together anymore for mother/son dances. I could daydream all day long about the day I’ll get to do that with Max. And this shot right here is so powerful when it comes to a mother’s love for her son. And the way he looked at her. I can’t.

We snuck away after dinner for sunset.

I have this thing for a groom’s wedding band against his bride’s back.

That sky was 1000% real.

Their reception was bonkers. The dance floor never cleared and it was truly a party. And it’s not really a party until the cops show up.

Cari and Seth, you guys, thank you so much for having Mitch and I at your wedding! It was truly a remarkable day. You both are an INCREDIBLE couple and we love you guys to pieces!! TACO NIGHT SOON PLEASE.

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