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Chelsea and Luke. Where do I start with these two? Their day at Shadow Creek was so perfect, despite the crazy weather. Chelsea had made the decision to move the ceremony indoors a couple days before the wedding. The weather was just not working with us. It rained on and off all day. And when I say rain, I mean torrential downpour at some points. But these two didn’t even notice. They were SO happy to just be getting married. To them, everything was perfect which made the day so amazing.

It was monsooning during these.

Kisses for momma.

Chelsea got dressed by herself. It was literally just the two of us in the room. It was special for both of us, in our own unique ways.

The rain stopped in the middle of bride/bridesmaid pictures, so we braved the outdoors. It was wet but no one cared.

This was one of the sweetest, most emotional First Look No Peeks I’ve ever had the privilege to witness.

Finally! Ceremony time.

Chelsea’s sister walked her down the aisle.

We were in the middle of two huge storm cells and were able to nail their bride/groom portraits in about 15 minutes, closely watching the radar. It was breezy and the thunder kept getting louder and louder. It. Was. Awesome.

One of the best bestman speeches I’ve ever heard!

And y’all, this reception was incredible. The dance floor was packed the entire time, the music was awesome and their guests straight up partied. Loved being there and stealing a couple dances.

Chelsea and Luke, I love you guys, seriously. You remind me so much of Mitch and I when we were younger (not like we’re old or anything) and the love you have for each other is powerful and truly something to behold. I can’t wait to see where the Lord leads you!

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