The Philosophy.

2018 .................... FULLY BOOKED

2019 .................... 
3 Photo + Video OPENINGS ONLY (Local availability only)

2020 ............ currently booking both photo only and photo/video

2018 .......... FULLY BOOKED

2019 ............ 
3 photo + video OPENINGS ONLY (Local availability only)

2020 ........... currently booking both photo only and photo/video

It wasn't that long ago that I was in your shoes, planning my own wedding. The whole process can be very overwhelming! You're keeping your budget in mind, but you also want really beautiful photographs. I TOTALLY get it. The photographer is one of the most important people at your wedding. It's also a huge investment. I always encourage my brides to not only consider the budget and my work, but also the connection they feel with me. If you don't feel that, we may not be a good match for each other, and that's totally okay! Your photographs will be that much more beautiful if you feel at ease and comfortable with who is behind the camera.

When you choose your wedding photographer, as difficult as it may be, try not to chose based on the price tag. When it comes down to it, it’s so much more than that. The flowers die, the food gets eaten, the guests leave and your dress ends up in the back of your closet somewhere. The only thing you have left from your wedding day are your blurry memories. Choosing the person that’s going to give it all back to you is priceless. Your photographer is the person that helps you relive the way you felt that day, that gives back everything from the tiny details to the epic moments. The photographer, the one person charged with the safe-keeping of the memories from the best day of your life, is someone you don’t want to skimp on. 

My favorite thing in the world is when I become friends with my brides. There is nothing quite like photographing your friends' weddings. You are not just another wedding to me. You're a friendship and apart of MY story as well. I truly want to get to know you, know him, learn about your story, how you met, the proposal, what makes you happy, what your favorite things are. When I learn these things, I can capture the essence of the two of you in my images and give you something priceless. If you chose me as your photographer, think of it as adding another bestie to the guest list. But you know, I'll bring my camera. 

In order to fully serve my beautiful couples and my sweet family, I only take on 20 weddings a year - 10 weddings are photo/video together and 10 are photo only. 

portraits & weddings.

I offer 3 different portrait sessions to choose from! Pricing is based on the length of the session, so pick which one would best suite your needs! All sessions receive a PASS Gallery for you to view, share, order prints and download all the edited high resolution images.

For weddings, MVP couples begin at $4500. Collections including video begin at $7500. Links are below for a full pricing breakdown. I seriously can't wait to hear from you! 






For Photographers.

For Photographers.

I taught in the public school system for three years. I have a heart for teaching, encouraging others, mentoring and helping others succeed. I truly want you to learn and grow. I was in your shoes once and I so wish I had advice from an experienced photographer! It's taken me seven years to get to where I am when I could have been there in one.

I want you to feel revived, refreshed and have a huge to-do list after you leave. I want you to be encouraged and inspired. But most importantly, I want you to walk away with knowledge you didn't have before, and the ability to move forward with your business. 

I'd love if you sent me an email, told me your dreams and goals and together, we'll map out a plan for you to get there.



OH MAN! Y'all, I am DYING to shoot at these locations. Pay for travel for two and a BIG (like, really big) discount is applied.
If you’re planning on getting married here, lets talk. For real. We're passport ready!

Bucket List.

Bora Bora
New Zealand
Antelope Canyon
Cruise Weddings
The Wave in Arizona

California Redwoods
Glacier National Park
Banff, Canada
Lantern Fest
Death Valley National Park
Giraffe Manor

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