Emily & Chris | Snow Day | Vaughan House Greenhouse | Virginia Wedding Photographer

When the forecast was calling for another 3-6 inches of snow, I groaned. Seriously, it’s the first day of Spring and it’s calling for snow?! Again?! Done. Over it. I planned to stay on the couch all day with Max. Then Emily texted me. She’s one of my past brides turned total BFF. Her husband was finally in town when it was going to snow, and she’d been wanting snow pictures for months. I remembered my red skirt I had bought several weeks ago. It’s been hanging in my closet, just waiting for the right time. Time to take it out!

This is the first time I’ve had any type of session with the greenhouse. It’s not finished, but it’s bones are rich and gorgeous. Mitch literally finished the roofing the day before. She photographs so well. I’m so excited for her to be done.

Took my new Petzval 52 lens outdoors for a spin. (HAHA, get it?! Because… the effect.. it spins? Nevermind.)

GAHHHH this skirt. Can I just shoot it every day?

Ok, Emily. You’re perfect.

My vision was the red skirt. Emily’s was her green dress. Green is my favorite color and it looked so amazing on Emily, against the snow and with the greenhouse.

“Isn’t she freezing?!” Honestly, not really! There as zero wind. I actually had to take my jacket and hat off. I was burning up!

Yep. Definitely keeping the Petzval.

Emily & Chris. I love you guys. Seriously. Thank you for braving the cold and coming over to play in the snow with me!

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