Kailey & Zach | DC Cherry Blossom Engagement Session

Kailey, Zach and I had been planning their engagement session for months! They live right in the heart of DC, so we wanted to take their engagement pictures where they were happiest. We planned on a sunrise shoot, meeting at the Lincoln Memorial first and then down to the cherry blossoms. We’d been watching the weather and it wasn’t looking very good. The morning of our session, the rain clouds were definitely in. It had rained all night but had stopped raining when we started shooting. We weren’t able to see the sunrise, but I looooove what we were able to capture!

Cherry blossoms!!

Kailey and Zach took us around their adorable neighborhood. It was fun listening to the way they commute in the morning. No idea how they do it!!

Soooo, so excited for their wedding!!

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