Kaitlyn & Brett | Raven’s Roost Elopement | Virginia Wedding Photographer

Wow, you guys. Wow. I will never, ever forget this elopement. Kaitlyn and Brett chose to elope on top of Raven’s Roost. It’s definitely one for the books! First off, I LOVE elopements. I love them. Mitch and I often talk about what we’d do if we had to do it all over again (with each other of course) and we always say we would have eloped. The emotions are so much higher and the feeling of intimacy is difficult to explain unless you’re there to experience it.

The day of their elopement was overcast and rainy. Raven’s Roost is well on the way up the mountain, so the weather is more intense when you’re up there. When their ceremony was supposed to begin (which was literally just the pastor, Kaitlyn, Brett, myself and my second shooter) a BLIZZARD came in. Guys. IT WAS A BLIZZARD. You could barely see in front of you. The wind was howling, the snow was swirling all around and it was bone-chilling cold.

We were all freezing, but the weather didn’t seem to phase them.

The slow collected in her hair and it froze. Her eyelashes her coated with snow, but it only made her look more beautiful.

They sealed their vows with a kiss and walked over to the side to pray.

We spent 5 minutes on portraits afterwards, because we were all shaking uncontrollably. It was almost comical. Like how are we here right now?! On top of a mountain, in a snow storm, taking bride and groom portraits. But we left with full, warm hearts and that’s all that matters!

We’re coming back in July for a legit bride/groom session. Fingers crossed for perfect, beautiful weather this time!

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