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Katie and Brandon did things their way for their wedding day and I LOVED IT! They are so relaxed and laid back, and I know everyone felt that on their day. Katie knew exactly what she wanted and everyone made it happen! First, I met with the girls at the Craddock Terry Hotel in downtown Lynchburg.

Katie’s moment, surrounded by her very best friends. And seriously, such an awesome group of girls! Fiercely loyal and they all love Katie with all their hearts!

Next, we headed to the Old City Cemetery for the majority of their portraits. Katie and Brandon had been driving by every few days to check the fall foliage. Katie really, really wanted that represented in her wedding images, and I’d say we nailed that!

Sometimes the serious shot doesn’t work. ;)

Katieeeee!! Like an angel.

These colors OKAY?!

First Look.

I love that little peek!

Fall colors. If this is fall, I don’t know what is!

The bridesmaids pointed out Katie’s dad to me. Totally love this shot of his gazing at his daughter.

Off to the church to get married! Due to church rules, I was only allowed to take a couple pictures at a certain time during the ceremony. Not going to lie, it was really hard to just sit there and take in the moments rather than capture them!

Off the the reception at Oak Wood Country Club! It was so awesome. Dinner, a couple toasts, cake cutting and mingling with their favorite people in the entire world. AND, Katie had a table just for us! We felt the love.

Katie and Brandon! Thank you so much for taking us in as part of your family on your wedding day. We truly loved being apart of it and felt so warm and welcome with you, your friends and family! We wish you alllll the years of happiness!! Love you guys!!

  1. Leesa

    November 10th, 2017 at 7:44 am

    Absolutely beautiful

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