Krystalin | Sierra Vista | Lynchburg Maternity Photographer

Krystalin and I met when was in the thick of labor with Max. Crazy way to meet someone, huh? She was one of my nurses. I remember her checking in on me multiple times during the night. Every time I’d ask her how he was doing, and her response was always, “he’s beautiful.” I found so much comfort in those small words. My labor went long, and she stayed with me hours after her shift had ended and saw us through. I’ll never, ever forget what she did for me during that small time in my life. It’s not often that you meet someone while you’re in labor and keep in touch with them. But Krystalin and I did, and I’m so grateful. I am SO happy to give the gift of these images back to her. I know it’s enough for her, but it still isn’t enough for me. Maybe one day I’ll be able to give her what she gave to me. (I did let her borrow my dress but I don’t think that counts.)

Dress: Fillyboo
Makeup: In Your Face
Hair: Ashley Nash
Florals: Bloom by Doyle’s

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