Leah & Matt | Lincoln Memorial Engagement Session | Washington DC Wedding Photographer

Wow, wow, wow you guys! So many firsts happened with Leah and Matt in DC for their engagement session! First off, I’ve never shot in DC before! I was sooo, so excited to shoot in a new location, see the monuments up close and of course, meet Leah and Matt. Second, we took an Uber from our hotel. Never done that! And third, this was our first overnight away from Max. We drove up the day before and had a nice evening with just the two of us!

We set our alarms for 5:15am, got up, dressed and out the door to meet the Uber. He dropped us off at the memorial and soon after, Leah and Matt got there! We shot with the sunrise, and oh my gosh, it did NOT disappoint!

Stop, seriously? Cinderella over here.

The sun hadn’t quite come up yet. We had this moody glow happening and it was so, so gorgeous.

Nose crinkles!!

GUYS. She looks like Izzie Stevens right?!

Matt, you stud.

Leah and Matt, oh my gosh you guys. I just love you both to pieces!! I LOVED spending my morning with you and the super early alarm was totally worth it. Next June is waaaay too far away!! Hopefully I can see you guys again before that. *coughcoughBRIDALSESSIONcoughcough*


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