Maggie & Nate | Sierra Vista | Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

Maggie and Nate. Wow, seriously one of the sweetest couples with the sweetest families I’ve ever met! Their wedding day at Sierra Vista was perfect. The weather was perfect, everything was just perfect. There were happy tears all day long, specifically from the mommas. It was so sweet to see!

Nate held it together pretty well!

Great group of guys! Super easy going and fun to work with!

Gifts for the mommas. They cried.

First Look with the bridesmaids! They cried too.

First Look with dad! He cried too.

So did Mags.

Gifts for the bride!

Maggie, you’re so beautiful!!

Gorgeous ladies!!

Nate wrote Maggie a letter too. But when she realized he had written it on a note she had given him a year ago, that almost got her!

He did have to wipe a couple tears away.


Gorgeous light with a super fun wedding party? Yes, please!


These golden fall colors!! AHHH!!

Their reception was so fun. Constant dancing, laughter and all around good times.

Maggie and Nate!! Even though I’m SO jealous of your Bora Bora/Hawaii honeymoon, I love you guys to pieces and I’m soooo, so happy for you two!! Can’t wait to see what the Lord does in your lives!!

  1. Diane

    November 16th, 2017 at 6:26 pm

    Maggie you are beautiful and glowing!!! congratulations!! All the best Mrs Koester

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