Megan | Golden Field Maternity Session | Lynchburg Maternity Photographer

I don’t just shoot weddings! I loooove getting a precious baby bump in front of my camera! Megan is pregnant with their 3rd child… and they’re not finding out what it is! AHHHH, I’d go crazy!! Megan is also a talented photographer herself! She came over for a mentor session (I rocked her world with culling and workflow) and then afterwards, we did her maternity session! It’s always such an honor when another photographer chooses you to shoot for them!

The afternoon of her session, it stormed. Like torrential downpour, thunder and lightening stormed. I’m so glad it just turned out to be an afternoon shower! Megan was heartset on a twirly dress and the sunlight. She borrowed a couple dresses from my closet and we hit the field! Side note: Does this outfit look familiar? I wore the same thing for my 36 week maternity session. The skirt used to be a dress, but my dear friend, Vanessa, cut it and made it into a skirt! For those of you wondering, I found it on eBay!

So beautiful momma!! Also, if you haven’t ever heard Megan talk, you’re missing out. Her southern accent is THICK. Like dripping with molasses thick. I could listen to her talk all day! And when she leaves, you find yourself fighting talking the same way too.

I have so much fun hanging out with you, Megan!! I LOVE these images and I hope they capture exactly what you were envisioning! I can’t wait to see what you’re having!!

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