Tenee & Mike | Sorella Farms | Lynchburg Wedding Photographer

When Tenee emailed me, the gist of her email was, “I love your work, I’m getting married at Sorella Farms, omg please be available and if you are, send me your contract.” I was like heck yes girl!! Lets do this. Tenee is a very special human being. She’s my vintage, pinup, vampire princess bride. She is literally one of the SWEETEST human beings I’ve ever met. She had 10000% trust in every word I said. You find yourself just wanting to be around her. And Mike is the very same way. These two have been together for 10 YEARS so witnessing them finally tying the knot was truly special.

Loved these floral ties!!

Father/Daughter First Look preciousness.

My sweet bride!!

Obsessed with this shot.

Mike tried his hardest to keep his composure, but he couldn’t. Tenee has walked towards him for 10 years, but never like this!


Tenee and Mike! I can’t even begin to say how amazing you two are! You are an amazing couple and I’m so, so honored to have had the privilege of meeting you and documenting your wedding day. Seriously love you guys!!


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