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In 2014, I had 30 weddings. Every single one of those brides wrote me an incredible review that I will forever cherish. In 2015, I wanted to strive for the exact same thing. I had 27 weddings this year, all but one of which I shot while pregnant. I am so, incredibly honored to say that I have received a positive review from each of my 2015 brides!! I love these couples. They are my family and I would have done practically anything to help make their wedding day everything they dreamed it would be.

Here’s to a beautiful 2016 season!


“One of the first things my fiance and I did after we secured a gorgeous scenic wedding venue in the breathtaking mountains of Virginia, was to hire a photographer that was capable of capturing the regalness of our outdoor venue. This is really not a simple task to achieve –taking flawless photos of major landscapes AND incredible close up portrait pictures is no easy undertaking. Megan Vaughan not only accomplishes both, she does so effortlessly and flawlessly. Megan has an expert eye for lighting, backdrops, contrasting colors, and flattering angles. She captured pictures that made everyone look incredible and she did so subtly. When I walked down the isle I did not see a videographer (her amazing husband), Megan, or their second photographer. I saw my friends, my family, my beautiful wedding party and my handsome husband. MVP is clever and unobtrusive and never makes the day about her. She posses the ability to get the photos you want without you even knowing it! It allows you to enjoy your day as a new bride and not feel overwhelmed. Megan is just so incredibly sweet and calm and reassuring and you get the feeling you are in good hands with her. Her experience allows her to be confident with her brides and she always knows what she’s doing. I never had to stress when we were taking photos because I knew Megan had my back and would do an amazing job. I mean just look at her pictures!!! Each one is just stunning–they are breathtaking! I felt like each of my wedding and engagement pictures could be in Vogue magazine. I’ve had countless people come up to me, message me, email me telling me that our wedding photos are just exquisite. And they are! It’s just so true. More specifically, Megan runs an excellent business and makes her clients feel extremely important. We got ALL of our wedding photos THREE days after our wedding. We had our engagement photos the same day! Ask any of your married friends and you will be hard-pressed to find someone who got their photos back within 6 weeks, let alone days. Megan is extremely responsive to her clients – emails, phone calls, texts, Facebook communications, etc were always responded to very promptly – and for any anxious bride this is a welcomed perk of working with MVP. Honestly, It’s hard to put into words what Megan says so eloquently with her pictures, but to be sure, the word timeless comes to mind. I look at my wedding photos and envision my husband and I being old and grey and wrinkled and looking at these pictures with such warmth and joy in our hearts. We will look at them and reflect on a day full of grace and wonder and elegance, something I believe Megan captures in each of her photos. To be sure, Megan is an artist she has a talent for photography that far surpasses anyone in the business. She has a true gift that just cannot be denied. My fiancé and I felt honored to work with her, and anyone who hires Megan Vaughan will feel this way too. ”

Genevieve & Tyler

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“I truly don’t believe it would ever be possible for me to find adequate words to communicate what an absolute joy it has been being an “MVP bride”. Over the last two years, not only have I been a client of Megan’s, but I have had the privilege to get to know her on a personal level too. She is astoundingly talented, but more importantly, she is one of the most kind, encouraging, happy people I have ever known.

I booked Megan two years in advance for my wedding, partially because I’m a type A planner, but mostly because from the moment I saw her bright, colorful, crisp style of work, I knew I had to have her behind the camera that was capturing our wedding day. Not only did Megan meet the high expectations of Katlin and I, she far exceeded them even from our first engagement session together at Sierra Vista. She has this indescribable way of making you feel SO comfortable in front of the camera and sessions with her are a BLAST. After I left our first engagement session I looked at my fiancé and said, “I literally feel like I have known her for years. That was SO fun.” That’s exactly how every encounter with Megan feels.

Every image we have ever received from Megan has been flawless. Our home is filled with memories that she has captured for us. What I love about her images the most (and what I truly feel sets them apart) is her ability to capture the emotion behind a moment. When I look at our engagement pictures, I can remember exactly what was running through my mind at the moments those pictures were taken. When I looked through our wedding gallery, I had tears streaming down my face because she captured that day in a way that made me feel like I was right there in those moments again. And that is priceless. Many people have the ability to take a good picture, but it takes a special talent and passion to capture emotions the way Megan does.

Another one of the best things about Megan is how quickly she responds to literally everything. All throughout my wedding planning process, every time I texted or e-mailed her, I had a response within hours or more often, minutes. As a bride, one of the most important things you can seek out in vendors is someone who responds to you in a timely manner. You need to feel like you can trust them completely and you definitely get that with Megan. Not only could I go to her with the typical “wedding photography” questions, but I ended up seeking her advice on so many more things along the way. She diffused many bridal freak outs, talked me through stressful situations, and was often checking in just to see how wedding planning was going.

The morning of my wedding, I was a typical nervous bride. A few wedding details hadn’t gone as planned and I was stressed out. As soon as Megan showed up, it was like instant calmness in the room. With the most kind, encouraging spirit, she reminded me of the true purpose of the wedding day and reminded me not to lose focus of the big picture in the midst of all the minute details. One of the most precious moments of that day was right before the ceremony when she prayed for me and for my marriage in the ceremony chapel. That memory will always remind me that not only did I choose the perfect wedding photographer, but I gained a lifelong friend in the process.

The best way to sum it all up is this: When you choose Megan to capture the most important day of your life, you aren’t just getting her for that single day. The MVP experience is so much more than that. You are getting someone that will encourage and support you every step of the way, who TRULY cares about how it’s going when she asks, and who you can put 100% of your trust in to capture your wedding day perfectly when that day does come. Her Christ-like heart, her passion for her job, and her unparalleled talent intertwine so perfectly to make the “Megan Vaughan Photography Experience”. That experience is one I wouldn’t trade for anything.”

Lauren & Katlin

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“When I first got engaged to my amazing husband, one of the first things I looked for was a photographer. I knew those images were going to last a lifetime and I wanted to make sure I could trust the person responsible for capturing those special moments. Choosing Megan was THE BEST decision I made. From the moment I first emailed her, I could tell something was different about her. The way she communicates through email is just like how she communicates in person: upbeat, friendly, and like you are the most important part of her day. I felt so special and loved just through email and I hadn’t even met her yet! She ALWAYS got back to me quickly, which is important when you are trying to plan a wedding! And when we met for the first time, I felt like I was meeting an old friend, rather than a stranger. Megan has a way of making you feel like you are the best of friends throughout the whole process. She truly wasn’t just another vendor for my wedding. She was also my friend, the person I could confide in when I felt like I couldn’t talk to anyone else. One thing I learned through my engagement was that my now husband and I are awkward in front of cameras. I was so excited for our shoots, but I was also nervous. Megan was AMAZING at directing and encouraging us through everything. Once we got started, all my nerves just melted away. She is so positive and her feedback when you are in front of her camera still puts a smile on my face. I never needed to be anxious about how my husband and I would look because Megan had it all under control! She even got my “no teeth smile” husband to actually smile and those are some of my favorite shots! I chose to do a bridal session with Megan and it was so much fun!! I recommend it to EVERY bride! First, you get the chance to wear your dress more than once and hang out with your bff photographer. It became very real when I put it on for the first time outside the fitting room with my hair and makeup done. It felt so wonderful to see my “finished product” before the actual wedding day. Second, it allows you to see if any tweaks need to be made. I actually had a second set of alterations done on my dress because of my bridals! If I hadn’t put the dress on before the wedding, I would have never realized that the dress wasn’t fitting properly. I am so glad I chose to do this session! My wedding was so much more than I could have dreamed and the images that Megan produced were no exception. Megan is SOOOOO talented at capturing moments and emotions. Looking back through my gallery, I feel as if I’m actually in those moments and I feel the same emotions. Her photos come to life!! There is not a single picture that I wouldn’t put in a frame to display. Megan’s photos are flawless. She is so knowledgeable about lighting, angles and her clients that EVERY picture looks perfect. Some of my favorite memories with my husband are because of Megan. We opted for a First Look No Peek, where we were able to hold hands and pray before the ceremony without actually seeing each other. This moment was so important to me because I was nervous and couldn’t wait to see my groom!! Megan made sure that only the people capturing this moment were present, as well as trusted me enough to keep my eyes closed for one last kiss! After the ceremony and our bride and groom pictures were done, she walked up to my husband and I and told us to take a few moments to relish being married and when we were ready to join the bridal party for the reception. Megan made sure that we had a few moments alone together and I couldn’t be more grateful. In the craziness of our wedding day, she gave us a cherished memory. It’s still hard to believe I was an MVP bride. The experience was SO much more than I could have ever hoped for!! Megan’s passion for Christ, as well as photography shine through in everything she does. It is a little cliche, but words seriously cannot describe how thankful I am to have chosen Megan to capture our wedding. I recommend MVP to EVERY bride I know of because I know that they will be well taken care of and will LOVE their photos. Thank you, Megan, for ALL that you did for us!! We LOVE you!”

Mary & Will

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“I cannot say enough about Megan Vaughan and the service / product she offers! Aside from being a complete ANGEL, she is one of the most talented photographers around! Her passion for photography is evident in her work and her sweet nature is impossible to miss. Megan can tell you herself, she wears many hats and this is 110% true! She has been many things for me in the short time we’ve known each other and hopefully we can chalk it all up to “friends” in the grand scheme of things. I have a hard time imagining what my wedding day would have been like without her and her sweet Mitch there to shoot it. Megan was able to capture some truly special moments for me in such a beautiful way – they are nothing short of striking, both emotionally and aesthetically!  On top of having my pictures back in just a few short days after the wedding, I have images from Megan that will certainly stand the test of time – classic, timeless and stunning! Thank you MVP for being such a huge part of our special day!”

Andrea & Ryan

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“Words cannot express how happy I am that Megan was able to photograph my wedding. Let me start off by saying that Megan and I have been friends for 20+ years and when she texted me to say congratulations on my engagement I knew I wanted her there not only to shoot my wedding, but as my friend as well. I was worried that because she is based in Virginia we wouldn’t be able to coordinate to get her to Mexico for our wedding but it all worked out and I’m beyond happy that it did.

Kyle hates taking pictures and during our engagement session on the beach (the day before the wedding) Megan and Mitch both made us feel so comfortable and even got a few real smiles out of him! She was truly there for us 100% and made sure that we were able to get every picture that was important to us, even reworking the timeline to make sure we got those beautiful sunset images that everyone wants.

Most of my friends that have recently gotten married had to wait weeks for their images to come back, I had mine 3 days after we returned home AND THEY ARE GORGEOUS. I literally told my husband that I wanted to wallpaper our house with them!! Every person that has seen them has said they belong in a magazine.

I’m so blessed to know such talented photographer and more importantly that I can call her my friend. Having Megan shoot my wedding was one of the best decisions I made during planning and my only complaint is that we don’t get to see each other enough!”

Morgan & Kyle

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Megan was absolutely amazing to work with! I could tell from just our first conversation that she would be amazing.  She was very in tune with what needed to be done and also my interests.  I felt very comfortable with her.  Not to mention all her pictures are gorgeous and I knew ours would be too! For our engagement photos, we drove up to Lynchburg. On our two hour drive from Richmond it started to storm.  We were nervous because we were pretty much already there and we had rescheduled due to rain once already.  When we got there even though things were wet, Megan did a great job of making it work!  Our pictures were gorgeous with the fog in the background.  It was nice knowing she was willing to make the weather work to our advantage.  Throughout the whole thing she was very positive. The day of the wedding it also rained!  We ended up having the ceremony inside, but the whole time Megan was there giving me her advice and was calm.  The weather ended up clearing up just in time for pictures after the ceremony and we were able to crank out pictures for the next hour before it rained again.  I could not be more happy with the way the photos came out.  We will look at these pictures for years to come and remember what a great day it was for us. We would recommend Megan to anyone who was looking for a photographer. Thank you Megan!”

Carleigh & Conner

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“Words cannot truly describe how wonderful it was to work with Megan on our wedding day. She understands the ins and outs of a wedding and functions as far more than a photographer. If a detail goes forgotten she works to resolve the issue even though this is not in her job description. Her talent as a photographer is paramount and she captures all of the greatest snap shots of the entire day. Her skillset far exceeds that of an average photographer as she has experience and understanding of how to capture the beauty of difficult settings such as large landscapes and sunset shots. As icing on the cake, Megan is an all around fun, excited, and thoughtful person who truly makes you feel special on your big day. After all is said and done, Megan is more than just a photographer, she’s a friend. Having Megan Vaughan as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding day. We will treasure her photographs for years to come.”

Abby & Michael

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“Working with Megan was wonderful.  When looking through the preferred photographers at my wedding venue, nothing compared to Megan’s work.  I just had to have her.  She is so quick to respond and immediately makes you feel like you are best friends.  She stays excited with you throughout the whole process.  My husband does not like to get his picture taken.  After our engagement shoot with Megan, he said he actually had fun!  I don’t think I heard him complain once on the wedding day either!  You always feel comfortable in front of the camera with Megan.  Can we  talk about how beautiful the photos are?  I look at them everyday.  I’ve been in weddings where it feels like you are  taking pictures for HOURS.  Megan gets the job done in a timely fashion with an amazing outcome.  You surely won’t be disappointed.  Megan, you are a true and talented gem. Thank you so much!”

Cally & David

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“I’ve known Megan since before she was famous! Well, before she was famous for photography that is. Back then, we all knew her for her world class gymnastics skills and ability to win a wrestling match against my brother! So, as a result, I’ve been able to watch Megan’s skill with a camera develop from the time when all she used was a little red point-and-shoot to capture impressive still life photos. She has since become the measure by which I compare every other photographer’s work – professional or not! Obviously, when it came time to find a photographer for my own wedding, I had a conundrum! I wanted Megan in my wedding party really badly since she’s more a sister than a sister-in-law, but I also knew that no one else’s work could measure up to what she could produce! She knew the pictures were important to me, so she ended up being my honorary bridesmaid and my photographer. And she didn’t disappoint! I love my photos from my proposal, engagement, bridals, and wedding. And I loved getting to spend that time with my sister! She was quite the trooper fighting morning sickness on our wedding day but you could never tell. I guess from here on out I’ll be having to haul myself up to Virginia to get more pictures when I need them!”

Meagan & Peter

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“Before we had a venue, before we had a caterer, before I had a ring on my finger, my then soon-to-be fiance/now husband and I booked Megan. I had seen her engagement photos of a couple we know, and immediately thought how beautiful and stunning pictures were. Such vivid, clear colors and a sincere, honest depiction of the couple.

During our engagement picture session, we were so surprised by how FUN it was. My husband and I can be shy around cameras and we definitely don’t enjoy being the center of attention (very difficult during the wedding season of your life). But Megan brought so much energy to the shoot that my husband and I were dying laughing. We left the shoot talking about how excited we were to experience even more photos on our wedding day.

And the wedding day was amazing. Megan helped us time the entire day to make sure every detail was captured and that there was enough time for everything. Before my husband and I entered the reception, Megan set aside time for him and I to spend alone– a couple minutes to catch up, reflect on the day so far before we begin the rest of the festivities. We were so thankful for that thoughtful moment Megan had reserved.

Within a week of the wedding, we received all of our pictures and the blog on our wedding was up on Megan’s site! We were still honeymooning in Cancun and were able to looking through pictures! There were SO MANY of them, each beautiful and capturing a sweet moment of the day. Nothing was missed! Megan does incredible work, and she doesn’t make you wait for several weeks to see it!

So, for any couple (or soon-to-be engaged couple!) looking for a wedding photographer, choose Megan. She takes care of you (not just the pictures) every step of the way. And if you feel like you’re on a tight budget, trust me– wedding pictures last forever and you want to invest in quality photography (and Megan has such reasonable prices compared to other photographers!). Beautiful pictures are framed all over our apartment now, and we believe they captured our big day perfectly. Megan, you’re the best, and we were sincerely blessed by you and Mitch! Thank you!”

Shannon & Alex

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“I would recommend Megan Vaughan to anybody in a heartbeat. She is a perfect example of someone who really has a love and passion for what she does and can do it well. She treats her clients with care and knows exactly what to say to make everybody feel confident in front of the camera. Not only that, but photo sessions with her are just a blast! After having three sessions with Megan I know that those smiles are not fake when I see pictures of her other clients. Her professionalism and attention to detail meant I never had to wonder for one second if she had everything under control on the wedding day. I love everything about our images from the engagements, bridals and wedding day! She did an amazing job at capturing the details and the personality of our wedding.”

Megan & Patrick

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“Where do I even begin? Megan was one of the best decisions we made for our wedding! Megan flew all the way to Texas to photograph our wedding and I would do it all over again! She has such a way with her camera. The way she is able to capture special moments is unmatched. She made my husband and I feel so at ease at every step. In the beginning she answered any questions or concerns in a timely manner and never made me feel like I was inconveniencing her with my emails! She was great during our engagement session and just as amazing at our wedding. She captured everything I asked and more. She was professional, sweet, funny, punctual, and more! I would recommend Megan to anyone and everyone, but it’s not needed since her pictures speak for themselves. I have received many compliments already on the photos she captured and on Megan as a person. If you are looking for a photographer STOP now. Megan will be, I guarantee, one of your best decisions as well!”

Sydney & Jason

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“A photographer is the second thing I looked for, after our location.  Pictures are so important to me, I knew I had to have someone that could capture the beauty of the incredible location we had.  Megan was on a very short list of photographers I contacted, I was so in love with her work already.  She got back to me right away, literally minutes later, and we spoke shortly there after.  We got along so well when we spoke, it felt like talking to a friend.  I knew she was the one.

We did our engagement session pretty quick after that and she was so great about getting back to me and working with our ridiculous work schedules until we found a time we were all available, which was no small feat!  It had just started to drizzle after we drove 3 hours to the location but we decided to see what we could get done rain or no rain and hope it didn’t get any worse.  She gave us an umbrella and we nervously stepped out.  She made us feel so at ease though and the rain held at a slow drizzle.  The result was beautiful pictures that were finished the next day.  The next day.  I was so excited to see those and just knew we had made the right decision with MVP.

I also did a boudoir session with her.  If ever you’re going to know your photographer, it’s when you’re mostly naked hanging out on a bed.  She made me feel so at ease and very confident to strut around.  I loved the resulting pictures and so did my husband when I gave him the book the day of the wedding, it was a pretty special moment.

Finally, the wedding day.  It rained on our engagement pictures and rained on the boudoir day, we were praying for sunshine and it worked!  All of the pictures before the ceremony went so smoothly and quickly.  Megan and Mitch made us all feel at ease and got us to laugh and enjoy ourselves.  The result is pictures that look like they belong in a wedding magazine advertisement.  They were never intrusive, but always there, at least according to pictures that I didn’t even know were taken.  They are an incredible team and so easy to work with and her work is classic.  She knows how to capture the light and the best side of everyone and have it all come out in this crisp, colorful portrait that I know I will love for many, many years.  I am so grateful I can call Megan a friend and that I chose to be an MVP bride, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Jessica & Marty

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“I knew choosing a photographer was going to be the hardest decision for me in the whole wedding planning process. The pictures were so important to me because it’s all you have left after the wedding day, and I wanted them to be perfect! I looked for months, going through I don’t know how many websites and blogs and just not finding the right one. And then I somehow stumbled across Megan Vaughan on Instagram. She hadn’t come up in my earlier searches because we aren’t in the same area of Virginia, but I am so glad I found her! We booked without ever meeting in person, but I knew from the first phone call that she had the perfect personality for us. So friendly and bubbly, you can tell she really loves the work that she does and is excited to capture your wedding. The photographer is going to be with you allllll day so it’s important that they are someone you’d want to hang out with! She has the fastest email response time you could imagine, and got all our finished photos to us incredibly fast too! And most importantly, Megan’s photos are amazing. I swear every person in them looks like a model. The photos are so bright and colorful, and really tell the whole story of our day. I love all the candid moments she captured, and her dance floor shots are the best! When you’re looking at photographers, make sure you ask to see some full galleries of their weddings. I found some photographers that looked really great on their website, but a blog entry with 15 great photos doesn’t really tell you what ALL their work is like. If the whole wedding day they only got 15 great shots, and then there’s 800 pictures that look like someone took it on their iPhone, that is not the photographer to hire! Every single picture that Megan gave us from our wedding is incredible, and you can see that same quality in all of her galleries. If you want hundreds of amazing photos of your wedding day taken by an awesome human being, Megan Vaughan is your girl!”

Megan & Neal

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“We love Megan so much!! Her photos are unbelievably beautiful and she is so much fun! She is a total pro and obviously loves her job and loves weddings, and it comes through — she feels genuinely excited for you and her excitement is contagious. My schedule was insane, but she worked with us to make sure we could do an engagement session. We thought it would be awkward but she made us feel so comfortable, we were laughing the whole time. The hour flew by and our pictures were so beautiful! The wedding photos ended up truly amazing, we were completely blown away! She made us feel so comfortable and took photos so quickly, which really enabled us to enjoy every minute of our wedding! We loved having her around, her funny sense of humor makes everything feel more fun, and she even made sure I got fed at the cocktail hour. We truly love Megan and had so much fun getting to know her. We couldn’t be happier with how things went and are so pleased to have such gorgeous photos to remember our wedding day!”

Michelle & Sam

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“Megan was hands down the best investment for our wedding. The photos were of course beautiful, her style is a perfect balance of natural and rich in color. They were tastefully edited and we not only love them, but received several compliments from others. Not only did she thoroughly and professionally capture my day, but she also gently reminded me when I needed to get back on schedule, and was encouragement in moments of anxiety. I was at peace knowing that she was not only capturing my day, but knew my timeline (better than I did!) and was prepared for everything planned that day. She was on time, good at her job, encouraging, and fully prepared. Leading up to the day, she met with me and clarified anything that she needed to know well in advance before the big day, which further proved her organization. She is so good at what she does and is fully knowledgeable in all things about being a wedding photographer. I was 100% at ease :) I am SO glad you could be a part of our day Megan, thank you so much for everything!!”

Taylor & Ben

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“Megan is so AMAZING.  She was such a pleasure to work with during our wedding planning.  From the first moment we met Megan, it was like we had known her forever.  During each session with Megan, we laughed, joked, and just had a great time–you could tell she made it a priority to take all your stress away.  As a little girl, you always have a vision of what you want your wedding photos to capture of that special day, and Megan went above and beyond all of my dreams and I could not have asked for more gorgeous photos.”

Stacey & Jordan

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“There’s so much I could say about Megan’s professionalism and talent throughout the entire wedding planning process that it is really difficult to put it into words – in fact, I’ve tried a few times to write this. Megan was more than just a photographer asked to capture our big day – she became a person I could count on at any point during the wedding planning process that I could ask a quick question or ask for a piece of advice. As a recent bride, I’ve learned there is so much that goes into a wedding. But I can honestly say photography was never something I had to be concerned about. I knew I was in good hands. Megan really gets to know you throughout the process that by the time it’s your wedding day, you feel like you’ve gained a long-time friend. The entire experience from the first contact to receiving my Engagement and Wedding images has been a complete pleasure. We spoke several times before finally meeting in person for our Engagement photos. Ryan and I don’t consider ourselves photogenic… and “awkward” is one of the first words that came to mind when we would imagine our Engagement photos. But Megan makes you feel so comfortable during the photos that she’s able to capture a special moment that results in photos I look forward to treasuring forever. She takes immense pride not only in the output of her images, but also in the entire experience you have with her. Her talent is obvious and apparent to anyone who browses her images online, but I can honestly say that you get more than just a talented photographer when you choose her as your wedding photographer. You get someone who will genuinely care about you during one of the biggest days of your life. And that in itself is something I will forever be grateful for!”

Heather & Ryan

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“I’ve known Megan for 19 years. We started out as tumbling teammates at Flip Factory in Waxahachie, TX. The first day I met Megan, I knew we were going to be friends. And, of course I was right as our friendship soon blossomed over gym sleepovers, Backstreet Boy sing a longs and of course boys! After I left tumbling, Megan and I continued to stay friends- mostly through AOL messaging (oh the good days!) and then later on with MySpace and Facebook.

When Megan began photography on the side, I immediately noticed the natural skill she had in capturing the small but beautiful moments. It was then that I knew, I wanted Megan to capture my most important day. I continued to watch Megan’s business sky rocket to success and watched proudly as she won several prestigious wedding photography awards all while maintaining her sweet southern charm and grace. After I got engaged, the first person I hired was Megan. I didn’t care about the cost or travel and just knew I wanted her to be there to celebrate and capture my husbands and I’s special day. Megan was so patient with me while I was tackling my new job promotion, sending me gentle reminders of upcoming dates and important information still needed. She never lost her enthusiasm throughout the whole wedding planning process and made us feel so comfortable during our photo shoots. Additionally, Megan has a wealth of wedding industry knowledge. She knows the ins and outs of the business and is constantly networking with other photographers who are also looking to grow their skills.

Megan Vaughan is a truly, amazingly talented professional who knows how to capture the true emotions and hearts of her subjects and audience. She is dedicated to providing her clients the best experience possible. I would use her for all of my professional photography needs, hand down. Her only vice is that she loves Chipotle…..  (Jk!)”

Katie & Steven

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“Our experience with Megan was wonderful!! Besides being such a joy to work with, she went above and beyond to keep me calm and make our wedding day go as smoothly as possible. She literally did everything in her power to be flexible and make our wedding day beautiful! The pictures were more than we could have wished for! Thank you so much for all you did for us!”

Meredith & Chris



“I loved working with Megan and her husband! I was not looking forward to the engagement shoot because I hate having my picture taken and I am not comfortable in front of the camera. As soon as Megan got out of the car, she made me feel completely at ease and even had me laughing and enjoying myself! When we got the pictures back, only 2 days later I might add, they were GORGEOUS. They were natural and not over-edited. And I can say the same about the wedding. Megan and Mitch made my husband and I feel just as at ease in front of the camera during our session as she did during the engagements, plus her turn-around for editing was ridiculously quick. She finished our pictures before we even got back from the honeymoon! Weddings are crazy and stressful and the day of goes by in a blink so it’s important to have someone that you trust to capture the special moments of your special day which is why I’m so happy that I chose Megan as our photographer.”

Sarah & Mark

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“Megan was absolutely wonderful to work with!  My husband and I were very impressed with how quickly Megan got back to us with any of the questions we had.  We got married in Virginia in the midst of Hurricane Joaquin and while many of the vendors were apprehensive of the forecast, Megan and her hubby were ready to throw their Jeep in four wheel drive and make it the wedding rain or shine!  Lucky for us it wasn’t that dramatic but we appreciated her dedication to helping us capture our wedding day!  Our photos were amazing!!  It was a misty, rainy, overcast day and I had my heart set on taking photos with a barn that about quite the hike from where we said “I do.”  But Megan and Mitch were all for it and I am so thankful!!  All in all, WE LOVE Megan Vaughan Photography!!  We are so fortunate to have been able to work with Megan (the baby bump, eeee!!) and Mitch!!  The turn around time will always feel like forever if you are anything like me, the suspense was killing me!!  However, Megan surprised us again with being really speedy about getting our photos back to us (about one week)!  All in all, choosing your photographer is a BIG deal because photos of your day are essential!! You really want to capture the memories of your first step towards forever!  Megan is someone you can really trust in ensuring your day is beautifully captured!”

Maddie & Nathan

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“Megan is truly an AMAZING photographer. We found Megan’s wedding images on Facebook and fell in love with her photography style and her talent with capturing the moment. It was confirmed that she was “the one” on our first phone conversation and we quickly found out how bubbly, friendly and down to earth she was. Her and her husband, Mitch, are a delight to work with and are both very easy-going and a great pair! We loved the way she used the natural light and just let us be ourselves which was very important to us. She returned our images very quickly and it was very hard to choose a favorite image because she captured so many amazing ones. We were very lucky we had her as our photographer on the best day of our lives!!”

Laura & Ryan

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“There are not enough kind words that I can say about Megan.  She is personable, upbeat, encouraging and since knowing her she has always made me feel like a friend. I was referred to Megan through Julie Lawrenson, when inquiring about a photographer when renting décor for our wedding, we asked if she knew someone who was not only a great photographer but could handle a large bridal party and make them pay attention. She said “well you need Megan.” I contacted her the next week and from there everything seemed to fall into place. She played such a huge role in our wedding planning process, not only did she take our wedding photos, our engagement session, bridal session and my boudoir session. She was always willing and readily available to assist us in any questions that we had in planning. From the moment we met her she was such a calming spirit to be around and made everything so comfortable. She even was able to get my now husband to crack real smiles, which is not something he does often in pictures. Megan and her husband, Mitch were able to capture all the beautiful moments of our wedding, and everything about our day that made it special to us. We could never thank them enough for the unbelievably beautiful work that they did for us to look back on to celebrate our love for years to come.”

Jenna & Dakota

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“Megan is an absolutely wonderful, amazing photographer. When Tom and I first got engaged, one of the first things we did after booking our date was ask Megan to be our photographer. She had been the photographer at our friends’ wedding a couple of years previously, and we were absolutely amazed with the pictures she took, and just had to have her as our photographer too. We are so glad we made that decision. Megan truly went above and beyond anything I could have imagined.

At our engagement session I was definitely nervous at first, and had no idea what to expect. Right away, Megan was making the two of us crack up. She made the session so incredibly fun, I was actually a little sad when it was over. When the pictures came in just a few DAYS later, I was so excited with how they came out. I loved them all!

Megan truly wants to get to know her brides. She is the only vendor I contacted regularly. She was so helpful throughout the wedding process. She provided us with a list of awesome vendors to help make planning easier. I never had to worry about getting in touch with her. Any time I had a question or concern, I knew she would always get back to me right away. By the time our wedding rolled around, I had no worries about our pictures. If Megan asked me to hop a fence, I was obviously going to hop that fence because I knew those pictures would turn amazing (which they did, of course) and I trusted her. She was so professional and organized that day, and it was such a relief to have her there.

I think the thing that impressed me the most about Megan is just how FAST she is. I met several other ladies while on our honeymoon who said they had to wait 6 weeks for their wedding pictures, and we got ours back in 6 DAYS, and every picture was edited perfectly. I also received an album I ordered from her less than 24 hours after I ordered it. I have no idea how she does it. I’m convinced she must be Super Woman.

Choosing Megan as our wedding photographer was definitely one of the best decisions we made. I can’t thank you enough, Megan. You’re amazing!”

Amanda & Tom

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I cannot even begin to put into words how absolutely PERECT Megan was for our wedding. When Chris and I first got engaged, my two priorities were location and photographer. We booked Sierra Vista for our October wedding, and the owner highly recommended Megan. Of course I went home that night and looked her up immediately, and fell in love with her images and her bio. I emailed her the next day, and set up our phone interview just knowing that I had to book her. Not even two minutes into talking, I knew she was everything I was looking for. She was upbeat, fun, loved Mexican food as much as I do, and made me feel like I was truly an important part of her day. I absolutely could not wait to meet her and have her be part of our special day.

Meeting her for the first time felt like I was meeting my oldest friend, and we immediately started cracking jokes and acting like we’ve known each other for years. She became a true friend throughout the whole wedding process. I trusted her judgment 100% and when all the hiccups in the planning process came up, she was the first person I would call to help me out. She solved countless problems I had with wedding drama, dress alterations gone bad, and even pulled some strings for me to get a new hair stylist after a disastrous hair trial a few weeks out from my wedding.

From getting soaked in a creek for our engagement pictures, lunch dates, bonding over our love for teaching special ed, and pregnancy, Megan was more than just a vendor, she became a friend. It was such a relief to literally run to her on my wedding day and hug her and baby M because I knew she had my back and everything was under control. Our images are stunning and timeless. Megan has a true gift, and anyone who sees her work knows that is true. She was the best part of our wedding, and Chris and I could not be more thrilled with our pictures and friendship!”

Emily & Chris

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“If Megan’s photos aren’t enough for you to be DYING to work with her, just wait until you meet her. She made me and my husband feel loved and cared for through the whole process. We became real friends! She makes you feel beautiful and comfortable in front of a camera, and her images are breathtaking. Every single one of them. She responds to emails or calls within minutes sometimes. There wasn’t a moment where I doubted her professionalism and pure talent behind a camera. Megan made our wedding day seamless and she is incredibly organized. Most importantly, she makes the bride and groom and their wants and desires her number one priority. I am so grateful to have worked with her.”

Kelli & Braden

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