Angie & Christopher | The Confluence Resort | West Virginia Wedding Photographer

Angie and Chris!! Ahhh, I was so looking forward to their wedding. The Confluence Resort is such a beautiful location. Mitch and I tagteamed this wedding as Vaughan House and it was a blast! We were expecting it to be super hot… because you know, all outdoors, end of July, West Virginia… but no. It was SO cold!! Quite the surprise. Their guests came from all over the US AND Canada to be there for their big day and it was absolutely perfect!

This bouquet though! I’ve never seen anything like it. Bessie’s Florals totally rocked Angie’s vision for this. Angie is a dietician so she wanted to incorporate that in her flowers. If you look closely, you’ll see kale, cauliflower, sweet peas, asparagus, brussel sprouts and artichokes! It was basically a gorgeous salad arranged in bouquet form. How neat is that?!

I asked Chris is there was any significance for his whale tie. He said it’s because he wanted to say ‘he was having a whale of a time.’ BAHAHAHA, this guy.

Seeing double? Chris is a twin!

Angie, you stunner!!

Ahhhh, yesssss.

I loved all the different shades of purple!

First Look!

Ahh, he’s holding her sooo tightly.

Chris got choked up a couple times during his vows. And he quoted Winnie the Pooh which was the cutest thing ever.

Their reception was an AWESOME party! The dance floor was never empty and all their guests had SO MUCH FUN! DJ Nick Scott totally crushed it.

Angie and Chris! Thank you so much for having Mitch and I as guests at your wedding. We absolutely loved your day and we’re so honored to have been there!!

  1. Angie – How beautiful! So happy for you – thanks for sharing. Wishing the two of you a wonderful future together!

  2. Rena Schaeffer says:

    Angie, I enjoyed getting a glimpse into your wedding day! So very happy for you two. God bless you

  3. Amy Farrish says:

    One word-Wow

  4. Nana Ataa says:

    He quoted Winnie the Pooh?! I love him, too… Best wishes for ALL things wonderful, Angie and Chris… Note to Self: artichoke bouquets ✅

  5. Nicole Brown says:

    My favorite shot is the one of the two of you looking in one another’s eyes as you walk down the aisle after the ceremony. True love. I am so happy for you both and wish you all the best for the rest of your lives. (love the artichokes, too!)

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