the greenhouse


plant room

Made from old white windows and cedar beams (and filled with plants!) this enchanting location is definitely my favorite! The light is absolutely stunning. The greenhouse is tucked away in the back corner of our backyard, and no one will see you! 

Investment: $1200

The Greenhouse


This location is open and industrial. There are beautiful bricks walls, windows and wood beams, giving it tons of character. There are also brown leather couches we can utilize, as well as a wall to wall wooden bookcase. think moody. There's also a private dressing room for you to change your outfits.

Investment: $1200

plant room

This is a room in our home. The walls are dark green with an Aspen trunk bed and rust colored bedding. all the moody plant vibes!

only available until march 2021.

Investment: $1200


Q: How many outfit changes do I get?
A: I recommend picking out 3-4 solid outfits to bring. Think about your shoes, jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, anklets, toe rings, belly button rings, etc. for each outfit! Also remember, 'naked' is an outfit. Of course, we can do implied nude shots that hide specific areas of the body.

Q: Do you offer hair and makeup? 
A: All packages include on-location full hair and makeup by my most trusted vendors. You'll feel pampered and it will give us time to chat about your session! My makeup artist can do any look you're wanting, whether it's natural, glamorous or more dramatic and fierce. False eyelashes are also included. My hair stylist can do simple hair styling and updos, as well as more intricate styles! Please let me know ahead of time if you'll be adding extensions, or would like a more intricate style. You're welcome to bring any Pinterest board you like... in fact, I recommend it!

Q: How long does the session last?
A: Sessions typically last about 1-1.5 hours. Give or take!

Q: Ahhh, I don't know how to pose!
A: Girl, I've got you covered! I will help you with poses that will flatter your figure and make you feel amazing. You're also welcome to bring a Pinterest board of poses that you'd like to recreate.

Q: Will any males be there?
A: Definitely not.

Q: Can I bring a friend?
A: Yes, of course! Bring any female you need to cheer you on. I recommend that you do not bring your mother. That could be awkward!

Q: Do you do any retouching?
A: Basic retouching is included - blemishes, cellulite, scars, bruises, scratches and any other nicks on your skin. There will be an additional fee for anything more extensive than that. Please know, I do not offer 'body reshaping.' Girl, you are stunning! Work those curves! We'll work together to find poses you are comfortable with, that flatter your figure and hide areas you are uncomfortable with.

Q: Do you provide alcohol? 
A: Unfortunately, I do not. However, you are welcome to bring whatever you'd like to calm your nerves!

Q: Are you going to post these on your website?
A: I do not share any images without your written permission. I understand how personal this type of session can be. I'm happy to lock your images up tight for you!

Q: How many images will I get?
A: Depending on how long we shoot and how many outfits you bring, I'd estimate you'll receive around 50-75 perfectly edited images.

Q: Will you do a session with me and my significant other?
A: So sorry, that's not something I offer at this time.


1). Create a hidden Pinterest board! Pin hair, makeup, outfits, poses, etc. that you like. Be sure to Follow Me on Pinterest and invite me to your board! We can refer to it on the day of your session.

2). Get your nails done, shave your legs, clean your ring, put lotion on. Boudoir is up close and personal, so all those details are going to be seen! Also, be sure to drink lots of water in the days leading up to your session. If you're going to get a tan or waxing, be sure to try it out beforehand.

3). On the day of the session, wear something loose fitting that will not leave lines on your skin.

4). Practice your poses at home!

5). Don't tell your fiance or husband that you're doing this. It'll be a wonderful surprise and the look on his face when you give him a book or album will be priceless!

- On-location hair and makeup
- A gallery to download all of the edited, high resolution images
- An 8x8 20 page hardcover coffee table book (larger sizes and more pages are available!)


the boudoir session. The human body is a gorgeous thing and it can be captured artfully, tastefully and beautifully. There is a line between classic elegance and going overboard and going too far. I know exactly where that line is and I do not cross it. My style for boudoir sessions are sweet, whimsical, classic, tasteful and a dash of sexy and sultry.

For the person in front of the camera, it's quite possibly more nerve-wracking than the wedding! Boudoir sessions are extremely personal. My absolute number one goal is that you are COMFORTABLE. I want my girls to feel completely relaxed with me, like they're just hanging out with an old friend. We laugh, we joke, we talk, we hang out and we get amazing images. Boudoir sessions are an absolute blast and we have so much fun!

Sample galleries are available upon request. A phone call is required to verify that you are indeed a female looking to get more information about a session... and not a perv.

all sessions include