Gina & Coby’s Proposal | Sierra Vista | Virginia Engagement Photographer

I just LOVE proposals!! They’re sooooo exciting! She has no idea, you know he’s totally nervous… it’s such a rush to be there! Plus, it’s like you’re there from the very beginningGina had sent me a wedding inquiry a couple weeks before. She said they already had a date but she didn’t have a ring. Ohhhh man!!

Susan, Gina’s mom, messaged me and said Coby was planning to propose, and asked if I’d be there to capture it. Ummm, yes!! We texted back and forth and nailed down logistics. Susan and Coby made the sign while Marianne (owner of Sierra Vista), Amanda (Gina’s cousin), Mitch and myself decorated the barn and got it ready.

The story was that a couple of Gina’s family members wanted to go see Sierra Vista for themselves. A few of them arrived early and hid so they could see everything go down! Gina had nooooo idea.

When they walked into the barn, the look on Gina’s face was priceless!!


I’m so excited to shoot their wedding at Sierra Vista in November! It’s going to be amazing!!

Their proposal was recently featured on How He Asked! Check it out!!

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