Virginia Wedding Photographer | 2014 Recap: Day 10 | 30 Weddings & 30 Positive Reviews

Day 10! The last and final blog post of the series. The one I’ve worked the hardest for. I knew 2014 was going to be a big year, and I set 3 goals for myself: 1). Be published in a magazine. Check! 2). Book at least 25 weddings. I was blessed with 30 weddings in 2014. And 3). Get a positive testimonial from every single wedding. I am so excited to say that I achieved that goal as well! My brides become my family. I strive to make each one of them feel loved, thought about and cared for. I’m so happy that each one of my brides and grooms was incredibly happy with their images and their experience with me. Below are their wonderful reviews in order!

Here’s to a beautiful 2015 wedding season!

lineJennifer & Ed Blanton

“YOU. ARE. AMAZING. Our wedding was Jan 24, we went on our Honeymoon Jan 26, you had our amazing, incredible, more than outstanding finished photos Jan 29, before 9am, no joke! Yes! Less than 5 days after our wedding, even before we get back from our Honeymoon we get your email saying they were ready. You can imagine our excitement while we were away! I finally was able to look at all of the photos tonight (Feb 2) and we are more than pleased with the outcome. I’m SO THANKFUL we found you. You made us feel so comfortable and confident. You seriously have a gift for seeing things and capturing them just at the right moment. I’ve worked with about 2 dozen photographers from Boston, Charleston SC, and Germany so far in my life with head shots, special events, etc. and you my friend are BY FAR the best and most talented. Planning the entire wedding from out of state was difficulty but you were a true delight. You communicated quickly and were so professional. By the end of the day I felt like we had been friends for years. We not only had a perfect day, loved working with you, had seriously great photos, but we also have a new friend, SERIOUSLY!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0001

lineNina & Matthew McAuliff

“How I found the Perfect Wedding Photographer: Well turns out I only talked to one photographer. Once I found Megan Vaughan’s site I was dead set on having her photograph our wedding. But how and why? 1. Photos. I loved her photography style immediately. I describe it as a vintage-y, natural, high-def yet casual quality. My husband and I are very traditional and country at heart and we wanted someone who could capture this while still showcasing the beauty and elegance of our wedding. And oh-my-gosh did she deliver. From the quirkiness ever present in the personalities of my husband and his 7 siblings, to the quiet reserved playfulness of my own family and all the moments of love between us, and our family and friends. Each personality shined through in vivid liveliness. She captured the magnificence of our church, the quaint beauty of our reception hall- and all the craziness of the party. 2. Reviews. There doesn’t seems to be a critique anywhere to be found online about Megan’s passion, work integrity, timeliness or the quality of her photography. Believe me- I looked… I tend to have ridiculous expectations and want to know someone’s potential faults before I hire them. I keep my internet stalking skills sharp and I always google negative reviews. Megan’s work speaks for itself, but her dedication to your day is what puts it over the top. She was there early, she tried to calm down my husband when he was nervous before the ceremony, I trusted her to lead me blindly towards him so we could do a “first-look- no peek” and she worked around family insanity like the whole “hey so our brother has to leave for Afghanistan in like an hour” news that popped up. She is full of brilliant ideas for photos and for posing that look amazing. From people to details- she captures everything that made your day special so you can remember it all. Everyone told me I’d regret not hiring a videographer, but with all the photographic detail Megan provided- I’m still very confident in that decision. 3. Personality. I fell in love with my photographer from the moment I read the “About Me” section on her website. Granted it has changed since then but highlights include being BFFs, how she loves getting updates and questions from her brides, how she’ll call your parents ‘Mom & Pop’ plus my personal favorite- that she loves chipotle and despises onions. Hey! Me Too!! (FYI this is super important when choosing a photographer- obviously!). By the time we had our first skype date, no one else stood a chance. Megan has a huge personality that really shines- she took on a family of 8 kids (ages 13-30) and seemed to love every second! And has even agreed to do it again in 9 months for my brother-in-law’s wedding!! Indeed- she impressed everyone so much at our wedding that the family couldn’t wait to grab her for another event! You know when things just fall into place- and you think “It can’t be that easy, wedding planning is supposed to be stressful”. Well that’s what happened with Megan Vaughan as our photographer- that absolutely amazed, out-of-this world happy, just-got-engaged type of feeling that you’ve managed to snag such a beautifully kind and unbelievably talented artist to capture your day. And it just gets better once you see the pictures! The pictures from our engagement session and our wedding and reception will fill our home and our hearts with joy and we can’t wait to work with Megan again in the future to capture more of life’s special moments! Thank you so much for making our day beautiful and even more special then we could ever have imagined. Working with you was an absolute joy and I still cannot believe you got all of the in-laws to cooperate long enough to take such amazing pictures!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0006

lineAngel & Kevin Lang

“We loved having you as our wedding photographer! We spent a lot of time online searching for someone who’s photos had a clean natural look and we were so pleased with your work before we even saw our own pictures! Communication was great through out the whole time of wedding planning and the day of the wedding! We were also very pleased with the second photographer that you brought, Liz! You were both so sweet and easy to work with! We couldn’t be happier with our pictures or who we chose to capture our big day! Thank you so much!!!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0008

lineJenny & John Narayan

“YOU ROCK! Megan did both our engagement photos and our wedding photos and we will definitely be calling her in the future to document any other milestones we may have! When I first started looking for a wedding photographer I knew I wanted someone who was able to do the natural light photography but had no idea where to start. After lots of googling and scrolling through photographers, I came to Megan’s website and immediately fell in love with her style. I don’t know how she does it but she definitely has a gift. Not only are her pictures gorgeous but she makes the process really fun. She’s so down to earth and friendly, even after just meeting her I felt completely at ease and like we had been friends for years. My husband and I both absolutely love our engagement and wedding photos, and we have received many comments from friends and relatives how great all the pictures turned out. I don’t know how she did it but she captured some of the greatest and craziest moments from our wedding and I am so thankful we were able to find her for our big day. On a final note, she’s crazy fast getting photos back to you! She had our wedding pictures done just a week after our wedding! I was initially told by all my friends that it takes weeks to months! All in all Megan is both a fantastic photographer and a fantastic person. We will, without hesitation, be recommending to her all of our friends who need a photographer in the future and will hopefully see her a great deal more in the coming years! Thanks again Megan!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0007

lineMarina & Christian Bova

“As soon as my husband proposed, I started the hunt for the perfect photographer for our wedding. I did not want someone who could simply take the pictures, but a photographer who could capture the details and emotions of the day. I wanted to look at the pictures years later and have them remind me how I felt that day. So, I sent out a Facebook request for recommendations and reviewed each. After over 20 reviews, I told my fiancé that Megan Vaughan was the only photographer that would do. If I couldn’t have her, I was going to ask my friend from college to just come take pictures. I did not mean that in a bridezilla way, but after viewing 20+ photographers’ galleries, I could tell that no other photographer could offer what she does: her work is unique, intimate, and emotional. Pictures like that do not come without an artist’s eye, specifically Megan’s.

Working with her is an experience in itself: I’ve never seen someone enjoy their job as much as she does! She was so energetic, happy and put us at ease immediately. My fiancé looked horrified when I told him how long we would be taking pictures, but he kept mentioning how much fun he was having and didn’t notice the time had even gone by! Now, months after the wedding, there is one photograph in particular that I look at multiple times per day… The emotions we were feeling are so well portrayed and it brings me right back to that moment… that is exactly what I was looking for and in that, Megan gave me the most treasured wedding gift I could have.

Word to the wise: remember you are hiring her for her artistic abilities… If she suggests a certain location for shooting, just go with it! ;-)

She takes every opportunity to surpass your expectations from the very first contact until after her job is done. She’s an artist of her craft and her work is invaluable. Every bride deserves to treat herself to the MVP experience!!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0003

lineMelissa & Braden Carrol

“I was very lucky to book Megan when I did. She was fairly new to the area (originally from Texas) and was establishing her name and brand in Virginia. She had absolutely underpriced herself (she could charge at least 5 times what she was charging), her photos were breathtaking and I was actually able to have her in my budget (for those planning a wedding you know this was GOLD). I had searched for photographers in Virginia with a fine tooth comb and Megan edited her pictures but not SO much that it didn’t even look like the people she was capturing. Natural but your best side :) My husband and I paid for the wedding completely by ourselves and for a young couple with student loans (I was still in college, hubby just graduated law school) that is a hardship BUT we were able to have our absolute dream wedding and Megan not only captured it all but made it possible. One of the most important jobs of a photographer is to make you feel at ease (let’s be real, it’s weird having people take photos of you, while in the back of your mind you want to look just like that cute couple on pinterest), and Megan absolutely did that for us. Her personality is the bees knees. She relaxes you so that you can be yourself in your photos.

One of my favorite moments of my wedding was when Megan advised me to take a moment to myself and pray (I woke up with a head ache and my stomach was very upset). I prayed and I immediately felt a wave and was healed. Another moment I remember with Megan was at the reception I had just a second of worry that I wouldn’t have ALL the images I wanted, I said “Megan do we have everything?” And she said “girl do you know who I am?” And the worry fled as quick as it came (of course, what was I thinking?!). She had everything under control and photography was absolutely something I didn’t have to even think about. (Let me tell you that is what every bride needs).

I am in love with all my images (and I am always critical about myself!!) Everytime I look at them all my feelings rush back and I cry. Weddings are worth it. All the planning, all the financial investment. An amazing photographer is a must. Rest assured Megan is your woman to capture your day that is overflowing with emotions.”

Smithfield Virginia Wedding Photographer - Windsor Castle Park_0033

lineAnn & Chris Wooldridge

“You know it’s a good thing when a dozen or so of your guests come up to you at your wedding and ask “So, where do you guys know the photographer from?” I honestly don’t know where to begin. Megan is talented, kind, hilarious, and so passionate. At our wedding, she captured not only the traditional photos we all know and love, but the candid shots; both the embarrassing and the beautiful. After finding Megan and talking on the phone, I immediately felt like I had asked a friend to shoot our wedding. She made the process exciting and so comfortable; I truly couldn’t wait to meet her for engagement photos. Unfortunately, our initial wedding date had to be postponed, after my then fiancé, returned from Afghanistan after a pretty scary incident. During the months in between, Megan not only kept in touch, but she reached out several times offering loving support, encouragement, and prayer. We knew that when we set another date Megan was the photographer for us. When that date was finally set, we scheduled our engagement photos. They not only turned out beautiful, but they truly were a great warm up for the wedding. Neither of us had ever taken photos with a professional photographer so it was great getting to know Megan while she helped us along the way. Our wedding day experience with Megan (and her lovely second shooter) was comfortable, natural, fun, and emotional all at once. We trusted her ideas and it paid off in a BIG way. From climbing up some rocks for the perfect view to sneaking away to capture a beautiful sunset, she made it all happen. Megan was not a “vendor” by any means. She was, and is now, a friend. I have no idea how she manages to talk, laugh, dance, cry, AND take amazing photos of it all. We couldn’t be happier with choosing Megan to shoot our wedding and we will absolutely be calling her when we need to capture our next milestone!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0005


Kendall & Dustin Pillow

“What can I say…I’m speechless after seeing the wedding photos! Your work is amazing and you have soo much fun doing it! God gave you a great eye for detail! Anyone who is reading this and needs a wedding (or any) photographer, Megan is the only choice!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0004


Carylynne & Cody Bingham

“Megan, you are an incredible photographer. You have such a gift that Cody and I were sooo blessed to share in. The ideas you have and pictures you’ve taken have completely blown us away. You made our engagement session, the bridal session, and the wedding absolutely perfect. You did everything in your power to help us and to make our wedding the best day ever. Honestly, the wedding wouldn’t have been the same without you. We cannot even begin to express our gratitude to you. Not only are you an incredible photographer, but we absolutely loved you as a person and your love for Christ. Your relationship with Him shined very brightly and made our sessions all the more perfect. Thank you for everything!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0012


Adrian & Matt Noll

“Where do I begin. As I sit here and think about the whole year that has passed since Matt and I got engaged, we have been through A LOT of drama with the whole wedding planning. (as most brides probably do) but Megan seemed to be there for everything and anything I told her about. Let me start from day one. The first thing I looked for when we got engaged last year in June was THE photographer. I typed in Virginia wedding photographer and Megan was the second or third to pop up. I honestly just liked her name so I clicked on it! I saw she was in Lynchburg, VA and we lived in Portsmouth, VA so I wasn’t sure if she would travel that far. So, after looking at her gallery, and not just the engagements and weddings, but ALL the pictures, Matt and I both knew we wanted her. We spoke with 2 or 3 other photographers but I was just still thinking about this Megan Vaughan lady….so we called and we actually got to FaceTime with her since we lived so far away. After that conversation we both just HAD to have her as our photographer. She happy, giddy, welcoming, etc. and she said she would travel! SCORE! I don’t know how to explain it but she talked to us like old friends. We scheduled our engagment session in Lynchburg since she told us of this amazing place by the mountains. We were sold! We live only minutes from VA Beach but she assured us we couldn’t go wrong with this place. Sierra Vista is where we took our engagement photos and it was GORGEOUS! She even let us bring our dog to be in our pictures…even though he might of nose punched the camera a couple of times she just laughed and brought a towel to wipe off the lens. She made the session fun and exciting. Something that we could of done for hours and not been bored a bit. First impressions mean a lot to Matt and I and she had us excited that we picked her.

Now for bridals… I wasn’t sure if I was going to do them or not but once I saw the engagements I was shocked at how amazing EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE. WAS! We couldn’t decide on which ones to print. During the bridal session I was pleased to have met her husband, Mitch. He was just as amazing as she was. She brought him along to help us in case I couldn’t get a friend to come with me to fluff my veil and dress and whatnot. He was hilarious! He helped with whatever he could or if Megan didn’t need him for anything he just roamed around quietly (or trying to make me laugh, but it worked!) Both of them together working as a couple was adorable, but also very professional. They both made me feel at ease and as if I were the most important person for those hours. Then once I got the bridals back, holy crap! It was so hard not to share with everyone because they were awesome (I know I’ve said this like a hundreds times, but for reals just look at her work!)

Okay so the wedding…Mitch and Megan had to drive about 4 hours to shoot our wedding at the beach. I was grateful to know that I had someone that would drive to shoot our big day and I would of done anything to get her there if I had too! Like I said above with the drama, I could confide in her and not look at her as “just my photographer” but a friend and I actually called her one night then broke down in tears. She assured me that the wedding day was going to be amazing and if there was anything I needed just to tell her. She didn’t just tell me that to say it, but kept her word. On the big day, she was the calm person I needed when it seemed I was stressed. She didn’t want me to worry about the timeline, where people needed to be and what photos we were taking….she took care of everything. She remembered all the shots I wanted and stayed with me the whole day. She was always patient with me and the bridesmaids and just was always so happy! Mitch was with the boys and Matt told me they had a blast with him and everything felt natural and never pushy. From beginning to end it felt like having friends shoot our wedding day instead of just a “vendor”. I don’t care how far you live, you have to get Megan to shoot your wedding, engagements, senior pics, whatever it may be!

She is one person that I will definitely keep in touch with and couldn’t ask for a better person to be there for us. Sorry for the book but just wanted everyone to know how fantastic you are Megan and how much Matt and I love you and Mitch. Y’all were amazing and everyone at the wedding thought y’all did an amazing job. Thank you for always being there for us and of course for the beautiful memories that we can look at for years. You truly have a special gift of capturing moments in time.”

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0000

lineElizabeth & Tommy Mutter

“Thank you so much for capturing our wedding day in the most perfect way! The search for a wedding photographer is not an easy one, and Megan does not take her job lightly. I actually came across Megan’s photography blog after a google search, and decided to go out on a limb and contact her for more information. When she emailed me back (less than 12 hours later), I knew she was the perfect photographer for our wedding. Her bubbly and sweet nature evident in our email and phone conversations made me super excited to meet her. She was genuinely interested in getting to know Tommy and me, and in every little wedding detail. She kept in close contact throughout the whole wedding planning process, and offered advice on even the smallest details. When our wedding day finally arrived, Megan arrived early and began shooting small details. She blended in with all the wedding preparations, and made all our families and wedding party feel so comfort able in front of the camera. She has a natural gift for photography and working with people. She also is much more than just the photographer–she was there to teach the boys how to pin on boutonnieres, lace up the corset of my dress, and coordinate our wedding party so Tommy and I did not see each other prior to the ceremony. And her pictures…INCREDIBLE!! We’ve been married for a few weeks and have probably looked through them at least 20 times! She put together the most beautiful gallery of photos that we will treasure forever. Thank you Megan for capturing our day in such a way that we feel like we are reliving it each time we look through the pictures! Your work will forever be a large part of our heart and home, and we couldn’t be more grateful for you.”

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0009

lineJennifer & Aaron Swearingen

“I am one of those people where I always feel like if I don’t do it myself it will not be perfect or the way I want it. So of course trying to find someone that had the same feeling was important for me for my big day. The moment I began looking at Megan’s work I knew she had the same mind set as I did. And then I got the chance to meet her and knew right away she was the one. After talking with her awhile I was completely able to let go, which for me is one of the hardest things for me to do. Megan did my engagements, boudoirs, bridals, and wedding. I felt very comfortable working with her through all of the sessions. I put my full trust in her to work her magic and I am glad I did. I would have to say there is not one image that was taken that I am not in love with. I am so happy I will have the images that she took to look at for the rest of my life. She is beyond amazing at what she does!!!! I cannot wait to grow my family so I can work with her again!!!!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0010

lineSarah Beth & Peter Holland

“You did an absolutely incredible job for both our engagement session and our wedding! First of all, you are very thorough in your job. You came well prepared for our wedding, even came early! That was very special! You are also very professional in your job, but at the same time personable. It was obvious that this was not only a job, but a passion. You made it a point to actually get to know us and make the experience as personal as possible. I love that! It was awesome how fast we received our photos after the wedding too! Peter and I walked away not only gaining amazing photos of our wedding, but also some amazing new friends as well! I highly recommend you to ALL of my friends!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer_0013

lineJessica & Devon Wills

When Devon and I began to search for wedding photographers my one request was that I had to feel comfortable around the photographer to ensure we didn’t end up with awkwardly posed pictures forever. After our first phone conversation, I felt like we had known each other for years and I instantly knew that you had to be our photographer. Each session was fun (you always know what to say to get the not-so-fake-smiles) and never stressful. On top of that, the results of each session were fantastic! Amazing images delivered faster than I can even imagine. You are an incredibly talented photographer and extremely patient (even on a hectic wedding day when timing is not on our side). Can’t thank you and Mitch enough for how great you were to work with!”

Nashville Tennessee Wedding Photographer - Two Rivers Mansion_0037

lineCamellia & Allen Ancheril

My husband and I had the privilege of working with Megan for our engagement session and our wedding. I had a bridal session with her as well! When we were first researching photographers and came across her site, we fell in love with the vibrancy of her photos and knew this girl had some serious editing skills. At that point we didn’t know how incredibly awesome she was as a person. After meeting Megan we knew instantly that we wanted to work with her and she didn’t disappoint. She was laid back but prompt, and so encouraging; she always reassured us that it was our day despite all other obstacles. When it comes to Megan, just say YES. Say yes to doing a bridal session with her, say yes to a second photographer, say yes to any and all pose ideas that she has, etc. TRUST her because she won’t let you down. You will feel so comfortable with her behind the camera that all your shots will look natural and you’ll have fun doing it. This girl goes to great lengths to get the shots you want, whether it’s walking out in front of traffic, climbing on top of her husband’s shoulders, bringing you an umbrella or offering an extra session to make up for pouring rain. She did ALL of these things for us on our wedding day. Megan didn’t know it at the time but in the busy moments of the day when we were surrounded by people, my husband and I looked to her because her very presence calmed us down. Megan had this impeccable way of reading us and knew just when to give us a reassuring smile or a whisper of encouragement. Every time I turned around I saw her near us and knew she had our back. As many brides have said before me, she’s more than just a photographer. She watched the weather all morning for us, scoped out new locations to shoot due to rain, helped me fix my veil when it started to come loose, discreetly whispered instructions to us on how to cut our wedding cake, sent others to run errands for us, and much more. Our families adored her so much they followed her around and asked her to take picture after picture, but she always came back to us and made sure it was something we also wanted. Her husband, Mitch, is her perfect match – not just as her husband but also as her shooting partner. He too has a great reassuring smile, is full of quips and encouragement, and does whatever he needs to do to get the shot that he, Megan, or the client wants. They truly are a dynamic duo that will brighten your wedding day to the max. Choose them and be amazed!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer - Craddock Terry Hotel_0020

lineRachel & Nate Brown

“Megan was everything we were looking for in a photographer! Her pictures are breathtaking, and she has such a calm, comforting presence while she is taking them. I usually don’t enjoy being photographed because it feels forced and seems to take forever. However, it didn’t feel that way with Megan. My husband and I felt very comfortable when she was taking our pictures, and she knew poses that look great but don’t feel awkward or unnatural. She was also able to get great shots without taking a very long time. I really appreciated that on our wedding day because we wanted beautiful formal photos, but we also didn’t want to eat up too much time that we could be spending at our reception—and Megan made that possible. Throughout the process, she got to know us well, was very respectful of our expectations, and took beautiful pictures that were true to us. I was also amazed at how quick her turnaround time was&m dash;she sent us our edited photos only three days after our wedding! Megan is so talented, and she really knows what she is doing. I am so grateful that she was the one who captured our wedding day.”

Harrisonburg Virginia Wedding Photographer - Sunny Slope Farm_0031lineMary & Kasey Jones

“Where do I even start. The photographer was the first thing I went in search of. I wanted someone genuine and that would try to capture me and my husband as a couple. I came across Megan. She was so nice from the start and I was so scared about paying for a photographer and she set my mind at complete ease. And I have told her repeatedly that she was the most expensive thing in my wedding budget :-) and she was so worth it. I opened my pictures and I laughed and cried all over again. I experienced my wedding all over again through her pictures! That is true talent…to relive those moments through pictures. My husband loved Megan as well. She made him feel comfortable during the engagement session and she managed to take pictures through all of his silly antics and giddiness on our big day. I recommend Megan to anyone and that is no lie. She is such a supportive person and tries to ensure that you receive the best results possible. There are n ot enough words to express my gratitude towards her and how much I appreciated her. Megan was so patient with me throughout the whole process. I changed my venue and the number of my bridal party. The rain on my wedding day had actually sent me into a breakdown. I literally cried the whole first hour Megan was going to photograph me. She sat there and reminded me that this was my big day and that everything was going to turn out great. Sure enough the sun came out bright as ever when it was my turn to walk down the aisle. Megan, I can’t thank you enough and I am so fortunate that I was able to find you and have you as my photographer.”


lineAshley & Zach Foresman

“Where do we begin? Megan was everything we were looking for in a photographer!! She has phenomenal skill, passion, a sense of humor, and a way of making you feel like the most beautiful bride ever! Megan did our engagement shoot, wedding, my bridals, and a boudoir session, which all turned out AMAZING!! Not once did my husband and I feel uncomfortable in any way, and it takes quite the skill to keep him smiling and relaxed in front of a camera! Our family and friends could not stop complimenting on how absolutely gorgeous her work is, and how much of a pleasure it was to have her at the wedding. She stayed in close touch throughout the entire wedding process, answered questions in a timely manner, and had all of our pictures completed in less than a week of each shoot. It has truly been a blessing to have had the opportunity to get to know such a caring, genuine, and talented person who I am happy to call a friend! We look forward to working with Megan in the years to come! Thank you for everything!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer - Sierra Vista_0039

lineAmy & Greg Loizou

“From the moment I got engaged I knew my biggest goal, as far as vendors went, was to get a photographer that I really loved. Pictures have always been important to me and I wanted someone who was capable of taking the calibre of photos I felt were up to standard, as well as someone I genuinely liked as a person. Megan was all of those things! I found her on Pinterest and after going through her galleries and reading her “About” section on her website, I knew I needed her to photograph our wedding! I can’t say enough about her laid back, calm attitude and willingness to answer questions and be flexible, even when I was busy leading up to the wedding. Megan has a way of making you feel like a gorgeous model when she’s shooting your pictures, and that’s something that every bride wants to feel! The day of the wedding, she was ready to go, I never felt that she was worried over lighting or situations where she had someone in the way of a shot. She handled everything with polish and professionalism. She even spoke in a soft voice during quiet moments while we were getting ready, very calming. My bridesmaids loved her, and she really knew how to make us comfortable so that she could get the most natural shots. I saw my mother in law when we got back from the honeymoon and she was complimenting the photos. She said “When Eleni” (her daughter) “gets married…we want Megan to photograph her wedding!” Needless to say, Megan made quite an impression on all of us, and I can’t think of a better person to share in our day. I’m so glad we chose Megan to capture our memories for us! Thanks for everything!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer - Marriott Ranch_0043

lineJennifer & Russell Wenning

“Ever since our first phone conversation I was just so excited to work with you! My (now) husband and I have never been the type who love to be in front of a camera- but we had so much fun working with you at our engagement shoot and wedding! It was especially a pleasure having you at our wedding- I truly appreciated how calm you were leading up to the ceremony- I never once felt rushed or stressed in anyway. You were a wonderful guest- our friends and family all had such a lovely time with you throughout the whole day. Working with you through this process was one of the easiest and least stressful bits of the wedding planning. Thank you for your timely responses, sense of humor, excitement, STUNNING IMAGES, friendship, and professionalism!”

Lexington Virginia Wedding Photographer - House Mountain Inn_0026

lineMichelle & Jon Kim

“You did a phenomenal job with my wedding photos!!!! I am so incredibly grateful to have such beautiful pictures to remember the day with. Jon and I are both super awkward in pictures most of the time, but you made us so comfortable! But it was way more than just taking pictures of what was going on–you managed to capture the essence and feel of the entire day, and that’s what made your photos so special. We will treasure them forever! Thank you so much!!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer - The Trivium_0045

lineSydni & Rusty Blundell

“You are the absolute, most talented photographer I’ve ever met! You’ve done so many shoots for me (the proposal, two engagement sessions, a bridal session, a boudoir session and the wedding!) and I’ve felt so at-ease during each session. I love the way that you are so genuinely sweet and make me feel like the center of attention during those sessions! I know that once you deliver the photos, they will be absolutely perfect (I’ve never been wrong about that!). You are so professional, in all of the most important ways, and very friendly and inviting at the same time! I have loved every single minute of working with you, it has been the easiest and greatest experience!”

Texas Wedding Photographer - Centaur Arabian Horse Farm_0040

lineJennifer & Casey Mote

“After knowing you for 15+ years, and watching you grow as a photographer, I knew I had to have you shoot my wedding immediately when realizing I would need a photographer. There was no doubt in my mind—your work is splendid, with a touch of REAL in every image. You take the time you need, from a moment to however long to make sure you provide what needs to be given as you do your job. When people see a photographer at a wedding, most think you are just the designated one holding the community camera….and it’s so much more than that. You have to be focused, you have to remain calm, to forget about life outside of that exact moment, and keep your gears grinding, all while your hand is cramping, your knuckles hurt, your eyes are hurting, etc etc.And you did it all with a smile on your face! I know I love the images we received, they put feels in my heart and tears in my eyes each time I look at them. I have to look at them in small numbers at a time!! Oh, and my wife…well, her words will be spoken by her. (Hopefully she follows with a review right under this!) Thank you so much, Megan!

The pictures you took were fantastic, amazing and beyond. You were able to catch the special things on our special day. You captured our new life together. The pictures bring back everything that we had felt that day, and although it was a blur at the time, each picture helps me slow down and remember what was going on and how I felt. You are an amazing person and photographer and I couldn’t be happier knowing it was you behind the camera. Thank you so much.”


lineSarah & Justin Fredrich

“Where to begin… Hiring a good photographer was one of the top 3 most important wedding details to me. I wanted to find someone who not only took amazing photos that would forever capture our special day, but also someone who I felt comfortable with and trusted. Well when I met Megan – I knew I had found THE photographer! Meeting and hiring Megan was just as great as when I found my wedding dress! Megan was so kind, funny, and we just connected right away. I knew from out first conversation that she would be the type of photographer who not only took the best photos ever, but also the type of photographer that would tell me if I had food in my teeth or if I looked bad. (Come on ladies, we all know that our true friends are those who tell us we would look better in something else or do something else, well that is Megan!) She wants to capture you in your BEST and in a professional and yet fun manner she does just that! I can’t tel l you enough how much fun I had with Megan on all 3 of our sessions. Our first engagement session was seriously such a blast! Megan just knew my husband and I were a little nervous but within minutes we were laughing and having a great time! She even got my “I do not model” man to smile, smirk, and cuddle with out feeling weird – that there should be enough! Then for my second session with her, I was a little nervous because I was making one of those books for my man (ladies – do this, he will LOVE IT!) Naturally I was nervous and so out of my comfort zone, I told Megan I made a playlist and she was like “YES let’s play it!” With the music and Megan’s encouragement I felt like such a super model by the end of the session and I am pretty sure I overcame some insecurities too! Then our final session was the Big Wedding Day and boy did Megan exceed all expectations. While everyone and everything else seemed to be rushing around, Megan was there snapping away yet also provided a sense of calm. We even snuck away, just her and I, to enjoy a cookie and some milk before the ceremony. (Seriously the best!) And then the whole day she was just spectacular, capturing moments that will now forever be remembered. She got every shot I wanted and did even more than just take pictures – she fixed my dress, my hair, made sure I got to see all the details in my day and so much more, she does it all! Megan is seriously one amazing photographer – her pictures are some of the best I have ever seen and working with her awesome personality seriously makes her the “whole package”! If you just want an average wedding, you should look else where, but if you want an extraordinary day with some breathtaking photos then look no further – choose Megan Vaughn Photography and become an MVP Bride. I promise you will not regret it and every bride deserves to be an MVP on her special day. <3 you Megan!”


lineAmber & Matt Leese

“Megan has been taking pictures of my family for more than a decade. She has always been professional, courteous and incredibly talented. Through the years, I have watched her talents grow and there was no doubt in my mind that she was the perfect fit for our wedding! Our special day was amazing and Megan caught all of the highlights with absolute artistry. If you are considering Megan for your photography, you can’t go wrong. Not only were our photos fantastic, but having Megan with me for most of the day was a pleasure. She takes her work seriously and is herself the “picture” of grace and poise. Thanks Megan, for giving me so many beautiful memory books to cherish!”


lineNicole & Jimmy Downam

“To simply state that we are extremely thankful would be no-where near enough for the amount of gratitude we have for our fabulous photographer.

 Our story begins over a year ago right after Jimmy and I got engaged. We knew from the very beginning that we wanted to start looking right away for a photographer and a venue…what we didn’t know was that we were about to meet a genuine and wonderful person who we would get to share a lifelong friendship with.

After finding and booking our perfect venue we sought out advice from Sierra Vista’s lovely owner, Marianne, on where to start looking for photographers. She had worked with so many wonderful individuals and started recommending a few people; but what caught our attention the most was when she mentioned a photographer who could capture the beauty of the outdoors! My heart leapt for joy, we were getting married right in the heart of God’s creation, it was perfect; I couldn’t wait to get home to look up the photography website…and when I did I was like a kid on Christmas morning, eeeeee!!! From the breathtaking pictures on her website and the blog about her clients, to the super fun “Meet Megan” section, I just knew instantly that she was who we wanted to capture our wedding day.

It was a chilly Wednesday morning in January when we met at a local coffee shop (this girl loves coffee!!! another thing I admire being a coffee lover myself :)!; and it was instantly like we were old friends meeting to catch up! Jimmy unfortunately couldn’t be there due to work, so we sat and talked all about her and her photography, and it was so thoughtful when she asked about mine and Jimmy’s story and wanted to see pictures from our engagement! The minute we left I called Jimmy and told him we HAD to have her for our wedding!!

Jimmy wasn’t going to be back in the area until September, so we waited until then for our engagement shoot. Jimmy said: “As a guy I hate getting my picture taken. Minutes after meeting Megan for our engagement pictures I felt more at ease and before I knew it I didn’t even care that I was getting my picture taken!” After our engagement session I did a bridal shoot with Megan! It felt like I was in a fairytale dream! Megan captured pictures that I absolutely swoon over and made me feel so comfortable taking pictures! It was so fun being able to “play” in my wedding dress before our big day and get to work with her even more!

The morning of November 1st…our day was finally here!! Megan and her husband Mitch were there for us the whole day; they were there early making sure all the details of our wedding were photographed, she kept us calm, made us laugh, made sure we had something to eat, fixed my dress and veil, she made sure to photograph all the pieces of such a busy and special day, and so, so, SO much more! Jimmy remembers, “when the wedding day finally came I didn’t even care about getting my picture taken and I actually enjoyed it! I couldn’t wait to party at our reception and that is all I talked about! I wanted to get to the reception and take the least amount of pictures as possible but when it came time to take pictures, we went into the woods and had so much fun even though it was really cold!” I couldn’t wait to see our pictures…and can I just say, Megan blogged at 30,000 feet in the air when she was flying to Texas so we could see them!! Yep, that’s right…she’s amazing! After seeing the pictures Jimmy and I agree Megan and Mitch took the best wedding pictures ever. Both of our families could not stop raving about the beauty and creativity of Megan’s and Mitch’s pictures, and about the amazing experience they had with them at our wedding!

Megan’s passion for her photography is so evident in her kind and fun-loving nature, and the way she genuinely adores all her couples and families. These aren’t simply pictures that she is takes, she truly captures the essence of the day and gives the gift that lasts a lifetime!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer - Sierra Vista_0056

lineKasey & Jerry Fisher

“You were so wonderful taking our pictures!! I am never comfortable in front of a camera yet you made it so simple and laid-back, my nerves vanished almost instantly. I cant thank you enough. You were very encouraging and put no stress on myself or my husband. Pictures could not of turned out any better!! I am beyond pleased!!”

Texas Wedding Photographer - Backyard Wedding with red decor_0027

lineKenzie & Matt Burrill

“All of the pictures were breathtaking. I cannot thank you enough for capturing all of the special moments and details of the day so perfectly. Looking back at the pictures, I can literally see and feel the emotions I was feeling our wedding day because you captured them so perfectly. You did an amazing job not only by capturing all the moments of the day, but by helping make the day run smoothly and making everyone feel beautiful in front of the camera. I have not idea how on earth I am going to pick which images to get framed for our house because they are all so beautiful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

Virginia Wedding Photographer - Tresca on 8th_0064

lineLauren & Trey Raikes

“We can’t thank you enough for everything you have done both before and during our wedding. Your personality, loving heart, and sense of calmness made for a perfect fit. From the beginning I was amazed at your talent and skill and how at home you made us feel. You made us feel like family and made us feel so comfortable. I can say at the beginning Trey absolutely wanted nothing to do with pictures but was solely taking them for me. After our wedding I asked him what his favorite vendor was and he said Megan Vaughan without skipping a beat. And we hadn’t even received our pictures back! The fact that you were able to change his mind about pictures just simply from how you carry yourself at a wedding says a ton!

I love how you were able to roll with the flow despite the obstacles that we ran into before the ceremony (one of the groomsmen having the wrong colored vest). And the best part was I had no idea about any of it. You were able to work with sister and with Trey to make sure everything went smoothly. Most importantly we received pictures that I absolutely love! I constantly look at the pictures and can’t help but smile because they capture our day in ways I never imagined. I am so thankful we had you and Mitch as our wedding photographers! The best part about having you as a vendor is we not only received incredible wedding pictures but we gained a friend as well. Thank you again for everything, you helped make 12/13/14 a day I will never forget!”

Richmond Virginia Wedding Photographer_0029

lineLindsay & Christopher McAuliff

“ABOVE & BEYOND! There are not enough words to describe how genuinely caring, professional and creative Megan & Mitch are.

Excellent customer service & spectacular products!

Megan was my brother-in-law’s wedding photographer, so my mother-in-law asked Megan if she would be our wedding photographer at our destination wedding in the Caribbean. (And by the way, I am certain that our family will be keeping Megan and Mitch in the family for all of our special events for years to come). As soon as Megan knew I was going to be one of her brides she gave me a call. She asked questions about Chris and I, the wedding venues, themes, colors, timelines, etc.

Throughout the months she kept checking on us, ensuring she was aware of all of the details of the wedding ceremony and reception timelines so that she could capture every special moment.

3 days before the wedding Megan and Mitch arrived to Puerto Rico with big smiles on their faces, and they took time to explore the wedding venues’ area and test their cameras in the area at different times of the day to make sure they understood the environment well. In order to facilitate the planning and set up of where to take pictures of details, family, and wedding party. They also took engagement pictures of us in a beautiful historical downtown area, on two beaches, and on one island. They truly loved shooting pictures and had so much energy and excitement that there was never a moment without life and vibrance which shows in each and every one of the hundreds if not thousands of shots they got throughout the week.

Throughout the days they were very professional, creative, and caring. I never had to worry about anything and they really made me feel calm whenever they were around. As soon as Megan and Mitch entered a room I would forget about the wedding chaos, they were very caring about our wedding day and wanted everything to go as perfectly as I did. They helped with crowd control for our huge families and groups of friends that were there (nearly 200 people), ensured everyone was at the right place, at the right time, made sure Chris and I ate, hydrated and smiled, and more importantly got all of the shots that we requested and many, many more. They even became part time wedding coordinator, all while getting the greatest shots both set-up and especially candid moments that we will be enjoying for decades to come, all priceless memories that would have passed by un-captured through the blur of our most exciting day if not for Megan and Mitch . There seems to be nothing beyond the scope of experience, initiative, and care that these two bring to special days.”

Puerto Rico Wedding Photographer_0061

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